Let Out Your Inner Child!: Children’s Lit Week on Tipsy Lit

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We’re kicking off Children’s Lit Week on Tipsy Lit today! What was your favorite book growing up?

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Children's Lit Week Edit

As readers, writers, and – well – generally awesome people, we can all trace our love of words back to the books we read when we were kids. What was the book that awakened your senses and made you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this world was glorious because of all the stories it contained?

For me, it was Eloise, written by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight. When I spent the night with my Mimi as a little girl, we’d cuddle into bed after watching The Golden Girls* and read about the self-professed city child’s exploits in the New York Plaza Hotel. My grandmother read differently than my parents did; she paused for effect whenever Eloise said something particularly precocious, and she didn’t feign a childish sing-song voice for the decidedly mature Eloise.

*The indications of my glory keep piling up, don’t they?


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  1. Great post, wonderful thing to celebrate. Happy times. ;)

  2. The Little Engine Who Could!

    But that’s just because I like trains.

  3. As a very little one: Caps for Sale, The Mitten, The Little House, The Little Red Caboose…I never could pick just one…and anyway, what child only wants one story at bedtime? :) As a young reader: anything Louisa May Alcott, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, anything Walter Farley.
    Lovely post – whether we are reading with children or writing for them…Picture Books Help Kids Soar!

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