Well, hi!

*tap, tap*

Is this thing on?

It’s been a minute. Just now when I logged into WordPress, there was a little popup that said “Try our new editor and level up your layout,” and this is funny to me because the current editor – the old editor – is totally different from the last time I wrote a blog post.

So, yeah.

But good news! Here I am again! Here’s what’s been going on in my corner of the world for the past two years since I last wrote a blog post.

  1. We bought a house. 

    Yep, your girl is now the proud owner of a mortgage! Last summer, B and I closed on our very own slice of real estate here in Memphis. Home ownership is a neat thing where you take a lot of pride in owing the bank a God-awful amount of money.


    Yay, us! And congrats to our lender for owning our souls for 30 years!

  2. I turned 37. 

    Indeed, this is a special age when you honestly stop caring what others think about you and face for perhaps the first time the specter of Death. Apparently the shoes I wore to the seventh grade dance are now retro and on sale at Target.

    Also, is it just me or is literally ALL the pop culture terrible and awful? Like do they even record music anymore that doesn’t sound like it was written, recorded, and produced by an iPad?

    WTF is an Orange Justice? I have been informed by my child that what it is NOT is a treat often sold adjacent to warm soft pretzels at the mall.

    And can we talk about how YouTuber is now apparently a thing people can put down as their job and actually earn a living from? Someone please discuss with me in the comments how the Dobre Brothers {click at your own peril} make you want to gouge your eyes out.

  3. C went to first grade. 

    That baby you know and love is no longer a baby. Not by a looooooooong shot. She’s a slime-making, Daisy-scouting, math-destroying, sass-talking, cartwheeling-turning, rabbit-loving mess who continues to drive me to drink nuts. I love that kid, and while there are times, though, when I pine for those baby days when she couldn’t talk back, her six-year-old self makes our lives so entertaining and fun. She calls me “mom” now most of the time and only calls upon Mommy when in the throes of a nightmare or when there’s some expensive glow-in-the-dark glitter glue that she’s wants to make slime with. Not sure how I feel about that, but I’m grateful we’re still in that stage of life where she’ll still call on me.


    We like to yell.

  4. We got some bunnies.

    What do you do when you definitely don’t want another baby but you definitely want a ubiquity of poop in your life forever and ever amen? You get some rabbits.

    Meet the sisters. Lucy and Hopper are Holland lops and they are perfect, precious poopers who do an excellent job of satisfying my need to call spinach “spin-spin” and talking in a high-pitched voice to small creatures. They are soft and cuddly and will never tell Alexa to play Jojo Siwa, and that is why I like them more than my daughter and that is why I love them.

  5. I got crafty and started a small business!

    About a year and a half ago, I looked at my schedule and realized that I had about 30 minutes of unscheduled time left each month after working full time and attending to my motherly, wifely, and social commitments. Naturally, rather than adopt a small hobby or self-care activity with which to fill my spare moments, I decided to start a business.

    I’ve never been good about managing my time very well anyway.

    I make headbands, neckties, bow ties, bows, earrings, bags, and whatever else catches my fancy for my store Somersault Designs. It’s been loads of fun and even more loads of work, and it’s fulfilling to learn to do something that I have literally zero experience with. Kinda like blogging, right?

    Check out my Etsy here and support handmade!

So, what have y’all been up to?


  1. I cannot believe that C is six! I remember when you were, like, waiting and stuff.

    1. She might as well be seven. She’s be planning her birthday party for a couple months and still has a couple more to go.

      1. Gosh, time marches on! How is your job going?

        1. No complaints. This nonprofit life is one for me. How are the turtles?

  2. Six?! What the what??? All sounds great but for some reason I had no idea you are so young, give it 10 years and you will be able to care even LESS. I’ve been thinking about blogging again, and one of the old gang shows up in my inbox!

    1. Hi Maggie! I am thrilled with the prospect of caring even less because that means that my daughter will be even more mortified by my behavior. How are you, friend?!

      1. All is well and if it helps my 21 year old just texted me yesterday about how embarrassing my grocery store dancing is. hahahaha

  3. Well, hi! In my sober moments I have been wondering about you. Thank you for making beerings :) I love them. The world needed them.

    1. LB! So happy to see you. I have beer headbands and ties too to complete the look.

  4. So great to see you in my in box! Just started bogging again too.. some grateful, fluffy, and then today some heavy stuff. Great to see the campers coming back! 🙌🏼💙

    1. Hi Dawn! Yay for blogging! I’m hoping to check in from time to time. I’ve missed it!

      1. I’ve missed the connections, and the writing of words. Words. Yes, that’s something I’m happy to find again. xo

  5. So great to see you blogging! I might have to steal this idea to reintroduce myself to blogging again because it’s been awhile for me too. Love those bunnies and cringe at JoJo Siwa too! ❤️

  6. Yay! you are back
    Cute bunnies and C is even cuter than the last time you posted her picture.

    Congrats on the mortgage and a business :)

  7. Hey Emily
    It’s Debbie from Fayetteville
    Alexis is in the second grade and I’d love to catch up
    You and C look great
    Can you send me an email so I can give you a call ?

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