Blogroll 2.0

I love a lot of blogs. Some might say that my list is too long, but I say that the world is too awesome for me to condense.


& Squatch Makes Three

Broken Condoms

Dear Expletive Baby

Ernie Bufflo

Excitement on the Side

I Am the Milk

I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown

Pile of Babies


Shoes on the Wrong Feet

The Sonia Show

Southern Fried Chicken in Vegas


Are You Finished Yet?

Becoming Cliché

Childhood Relived

Clip Snark

Lame Adventures

Lily In Canada

Liquorstore Bear

Lucy’s Football


My Ten Things Blog


Sass and Balderdash

Speaker 7


Kidz Showz

Stuph Blog

Tipsy Lit

stuff I love

A Gripping Life

An American in North Korea


I’d Rather Be in Iceland

Krug the Thinker

Lazy Laura Maisey

Mindful Magpie

Never Contrary

Over the Spoon

The Tragic Whale

writing and living

A Rich, Full Life In Spite of It

Ashley Austrew

Brigette’s Banter


Snide Reply

Southern Sea Muse

Sweet Mother

Tales From the Motherland

Updated September 2013


  1. Thanks! Gonna check out some of the other things listed here. And get back to blogging…soon…really.

    1. We will be waiting! ;D

  2. O. To the M. To the G. On the Stuff I Love section. That’s fame. Right there. I have made it. I have made it in life. I have a job where people pay me to make cakes and I’ve made it onto Emily’s blog roll. This is what Amazingness feels like.

    1. Does it feel like Christmas? I hope it feels like Christmas. (But I’ll settle for Boxing Day too.)

      1. Better than Christmas. My birthday. Cause then it’s all about me and I don’t have to share the day with anyone else.

  3. So….does this mean I can officially put our status as “in a relationship” on Facebook?

    1. Yes and no. What I’m saying is that it’s complicated.

      1. Don’t make me unfriend you.

  4. Aw, thanks! I’m in good company here. Must keep blog going if I’m still on the blogroll…

    1. You must keep the blog going because Iceland is the best ever! One of my friends is actually on vacay there right now!

      1. Well, I hope you sent her my way before she went. :)

  5. Woot! I visited everyone, yay! And then towards the end, I visited myself– I didn’t notice at first or I would have thanked you then. So thank you!! *hugs* :)

  6. So fun to check out all of these wonderful blogs; thanks Emily!

  7. Finding good blog rolls saves this chick so much time—thank you! It shields me from all the blogs I click on and say, “Nope!” all within 1.2 seconds. So many good ones here … and my goal is to make it on 3.0 *fingers crossed*!! ;)

  8. Awwwwwwww, Emily that’s so sweet of you to include me here. And I feel honored. Your blog is so well written. Thanks!

  9. I never thought I’d be on someone’s Humor Blogs list. It feels EXCITING. And terrifying. (What if they all realize I’m not funny? Shoosh, baby, don’t think that. You’re totally funny.)

  10. Your blog is awesome! One day I aspire to be on this list. :)

    1. thanks! Better be careful or I’ll invite you for dinner too ;D

  11. You have great taste, Emily.
    Well done!

  12. So many blogs!!! How do you manage? It is like what we call “shatavadhanam” (doing hundred things at one time)

  13. I was cleaning out my blog roll, a nasty job, and found yours. So great!

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