Remember the Time Blog Hop


Need an excuse to luxuriate in the glories of nostalgia every month? Then Remember the Time Blog Hop is for you! Ashley of Zebra Garden and I started Remember the Time so we’d have a place to dump all the old skool stories we’ve accumulated over the years. Bad perms, first kisses, memories of MTV back when it actually played videos: they’re all par for the course.

And of course super-sexy pubescent photos. They are there too. (Wop waaaaaaah.)


Now Kelly of Are You Finished Yet? has jumped on the bandwagon and helps host this monthly mothball-scented romp down memory lane. We’d love to have you on board too! Awkward loves company.

Here’s how to do it:

The third Thursday of every month, Kelly and I will announce the month’s theme on our blogs. If the theme inspires you (and it toooootally will, as Kelly and I are truly inspirational people), you will write a post on your own blog responding to the prompt. Be sure to grab the badge above and affix it to your RTT post so all your readers will know that your part of our cult blogging group.

Then, you will share your post by entering your link in the Inlinkz box that will appear at the bottom of our posts. It looks like this:


Isn’t it cute?

While entering your link in the comments to our blogs is fine too, other participants may not be able to find it there. Inlinkz ensures that all the posts can be found in one spot. The linkup will be open for the entire month, and we highly encourage you to check out the posts of your fellow participants because no one likes blogging in a bubble.

We’ll all read each others’ posts, sing “Kumbaya,” and thank our lucky stars that big hair has yet to make a comeback. Be sure to leave your co-participants feedback on their blogs!

Sound good? Good! See you there!


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  22. Remembering the time….
    November 23, 1963
    It’s 1:00 p.m. as I enter classroom for Algebra Exam. Mr. Jaman enters classroom, sits on his desk, and tells us to close our books that “There will be no exam today!” We were happy while at the same time bothered by the solemn expression on his face. He seemed shocked!
    He then told us to stay seated that he had bad news for us. Suddenly we heard the school principal on the broadcast system confirming the news that there was shooting in Dallas Texas and President Kennedy had been shot. It was rumored that injuries were serious,

    A minute later it was confirmed that the President had died from head wounds. Shock, tears througout the classroom! Priscilla H. in hysteria. Fear, total disbelief!

    Assasination? The Russians? Were we under attack? The Chinese? What’s next?

    What will tomorrow be like?

    What was happening?

    The world has not been the same since that sad afternoon!

    Like the light of day and dark of night!

    I remember Mr Jaman’s words:

    “The World Will Never Be The Same”.

    How true!

    Everything felt different! No joy! Sudden fear!What about tomorrow? What about today?

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  30. I am new to blogging and think this would be great fun. I am just not sure exactly HOW to go about being a part of this. I am not sure what the “badge” is and how to acquire it plus what does RTT stand for?

    1. Stacey – RTT simply stands for Remember the Time. :) The badge is Emily’s little red riding hood picture that you see all the way at the top here. When you write a story that you want to include in Emily’s monthly blog hop, you simply copy/paste, (or drop and drag), from another tab/window you have open into your story. Then you will need to click on the ‘little blue frog’ link that you will see in her monthly entry in order to supply the link to your own story so that others will know that you have written something for this. She provides 30 days to enter your story each month. My first few times I found that I did have to practice and ask questions before finally getting it right so don’t be bashful. The time to enter the last RTT has expired but Em should be creating a new one sometime soon so check back to catch it. Here’s a link to her latest RTT entry if you did not already find it by browsing Emily’s Home Page:

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  36. I can see why you have been so successful, I am for sure engaged. Your writing is not boring one bit and you are funny and serious. Love it. My first “following”. :) And I joined word press because I am a very social person so of course I had Facebook, Instagram, etc. until…. I broke up with my ex because I felt something just was not right. Proof to go with that intuition. He ended up hacking my gmail and Facebook, even posting as me on my business site which is now gone. Thank you for making me feel welcome here.

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