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You Got the Pink Stuff, Baby.

It has come to my attention that there is a little confusion over what exactly a salad is. I have always thought of it as lettuce with maybe some cucumbers or tomatoes punctuating the leaves, and then dressing like ranch or thousand island doused on top. It’s a straightforward, healthy(ish) dish whose presence on your […]

I think I have a blog?

So, this week has been a little busy because my mom has been here visiting us and getting her fill of Cee time. Last time she was here, Cee was just on the brink of taking some steps but hadn’t made that leap of faith into full-fledged walkdom yet. That didn’t stop us from going […]

Saturdays at Mimi’s

On January 16, 1982, a Mimi was born. A fancy grandmother. Was Mimi ever not a fancy grandmother? How did she exist before her first grandchild came into the world? Who did she make chocolate pudding with the skin on top for before that day? Who did she talk about at Garden Club and Birthday […]