Imagine a little blonde girl doing this with the exact same seriousness and dedication as Napoleon. That's C. And it is ~*~glorious~*~.

“Are they gonna dance?” “Who?” “At the election. Are they going to have a dance?” The majority of the conversations we have with C these days hearken back to her toddler years in that there is a good bit of deciphering we have to do on our grown-up end to figure out what she’s talking […]

Well. It’s been a hot minute. But here we are. When I first started blogging, I remember reading posts that folks had written after writing absences. These posts usually began with the blogger declaring that they were, indeed, alive. When I read these caveats I would feel a pang of guilt because in all honesty, I […]


Motherhood happens at 2 a.m. It’s not necessarily known for its convenience. {Let me just say that, yeah, it happens at 2 p.m. too, during moments that were planned for, but right now we’re going to talk about the 2 a.m. motherhood because that’s the motherhood where the rubber meets the road.} It’ll happen when […]

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Remember in the seventh grade when you finally got your hands on the class roster for your first go ’round of sex ed? Remember the anticipation? The sweaty palms? The hope that you’d lock eyes with your crush during the pet-your-dog-not-your-date discussion? Not since that day have I been as excited to…


Dear C, We’ve made it to the Promised Land. Yesterday you turned four. Four years old. Those three little words mean a whole lot, Kiddo. Not only are you not a baby anymore, but you’re also not a toddler. Your legs are steady and you amble with purpose. In fact, you’re starting soccer today with […]


Dear C,  I won’t mince words. You made me angry today.  I hadn’t been home for five minutes after a frustrating day at work when you started whining. You wanted candy and Daddy had already told you repeatedly that you couldn’t have it because you had already had an overly-sweetened weekend. The instant I walked […]

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Contributed by Emily Pate Austin (@TheWaitingBlog) Gather ’round, friends. It’s time for a parable. When I was in the 7th grade, there was a boy in my class who I would have given my left arm to be with. If my left arm weren’t available for some reason, I would…

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Contributed by Emily Pate Austin (@TheWaitingBlog) Last week, Netflix dropped the highly-anticipated followup to Full House, cleverly titled Fuller House because we can haz superlatives. As a kid who lip-synced right along with DJ to Milli Vanilli and who felt genuine anguish when Stephanie drove Uncle Jesse’s car through the kitchen,…

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Big news on the social media front, folks! In case you haven’t heard, yesterday Facebook introduced its highly anticipated Reactions. In a status update on his own page, Mark Zuckerberg described Reactions as “the new Like button with more ways to express yourself.” This is great news to me, at least, because I’ve always felt that the roughly 6,500 […]

Six Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

So, it’s been almost four years since I evicted C from my uterus. And while four years of parenthood has been a virtual magnet to my mental hard drive, erasing all kinds of things I thought I would never forget, I can remember clear as day some of the inane things that were said to […]