Dear Facebook Friends,

You are not Jimmy Fallon. Please stop writing “pithy” and “pointed” requests to inanimate objects.




Dear Facebook Friends,

The USPS is in enough trouble. Kindly mail your stupid letters to the intended recipients rather than spray them to everyone you know.




Real post later today.



  1. Wouldn’t this make more sense on your Wall? (and this where that smile-y or wink-y emoticon thing-y would go).
    Then again, I’m not on Facebook (gasp!) so I have no idea what you must be going through.
    Carry on.

    1. I don’t want to feed the monster (insert emoticon) .

  2. I do this from time to time. *hides face in shame*

    1. Haha from time to time it’s amusing because then it’s actually humorous. It’s when it’s several times a day that I start blocking people’s updates :)

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