I’m kind of a big deal.

Today, I technically have nothing for you to read on my blog. Howevs, I WAS asked by Ashley of Ashley, Etc. to write a guest post! This means that I have arrived, as people are actually asking me to write for them. It’s only a matter of time before JK Rowling asks me to write a guest book for her too.

Ashley is my blogging buddy, so I wrote about the beauty of online relationships. Please check it out. Oh! And subscribe to Ashley’s blog while you’re at it if you don’t already read it. You will be glad you did.

Click here to read it.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You’re always a big deal. No qualifier needed.

    1. Ha! Thanks. You are too kind.

  2. Now that I know you’re for hire I may have to use your services…
    Great post, Emily.
    Ditto what Guapo said.

    1. Thanks! I would be all kinds of happy to guest post for anyone, especially you!

  3. unfetteredbs · · Reply

    loved your post!

    1. Thanks, Audra! ;D

  4. You are a humongo BIG EFFING Deal….WHOO HOOO!!

    1. I may declare my new nickname BED for Big Effing Deal. Would you second my self-nomination?

  5. I knew I liked you for a reason. I only like amazing people.

    1. You have good taste.

  6. You aren’t showing up in my reader anymore! WordPress is so cranky these days!

    Heading over there now…

    1. No worries! Lots of people seem to be having this problem recently. WordPress is just overflowing with so many great bloggers nowadays that it’s bound to happen.

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