There are a lot of things I could say about Facebook. I could talk about how people love it as fervently as they hate it. I could talk about how it brings us together and tears us apart. I could talk about how conflicted I am over someeecards.

But today, I will save you all that. It’s Sunday, so I hope to capitalize on all your weekend goodwill by asking you to “like” The Waiting on Facebook. That’s right – I made a Facebook page for my blog. That’s what you’re supposed to do, right? Depending on what kind of device you’re using, there is a box on the far right or at the bottom where you can like me.

So please, if you are a Facebooker, go do that. I’ve already liked it myself so you won’t be the weirdo first person at the party who says that they got there early due to light traffic but we all know it’s because you just wanted to eat the entire cheese ball before the other guests arrive.

I promise I won’t vaguebook or quote lyrics to country songs or put up pictures of macaroni and cheese with old timey filters all over them. I can’t promise I won’t share pictures of Miss C, but they will be good pictures. Pinky swear.

So press that Like button! It feels good! And if you’re not on Facebook, feel free to hit me up on the Twitter as well. It will always be my first love.


  1. Emily,
    Link please?
    Le Clown

      1. Emily,
        I didn’t even look. My web user persona is to look in the core text. But that’s just me.
        Le Clown

        1. Good point. I don’t think you’re the only one, either. I have embedded it in the text! Thanks, sir!

  2. Well, as I only have a Facebook-page myself I can’t like your page. But since I have access to my Wife’s facebook, I liked your page with her facebook! Yay!

    1. And yes, I agree. Twitter is much more awesome.

      1. Thank you so much for liking me! I will try my hardest to give my Facebook page as much love as I give my Twitter account, but the twitter will always be my first love.

    2. Pages can totally like other pages. Only they don’t get included into total number of likes, if that sort of thing matters.

      1. Oeh! I learned something! I thought that was the “handicap” of having a page: not getting to like pages or have friends…

  3. I’m slaving away, but I’ll visit soon – I promise!

    1. Thanks! I’ll save some cheese ball for you when you get there!

  4. Interesting, I used to have a personal Facebook page but got rid of it as part of a New Year’s resolution, and I haven’t missed it all. Once in a while I wonder what some school friend is up to but not enough to put up with the 95% crap I was getting through. I have thought of setting one up for the blog though – and in fact I set up a Twitter account for the blog to see if it would drive traffic. What do you see the purpose being for your blog’s Facebook page?

    1. That’s a very good question. I am mostly setting it up because lately I’ve become FB friends with a lot of other bloggers from my personal Facebook account, and while I trust them all 100%, I’d feel more secure in the future having a FB that protects my relative anonymity for my family’s sake.

      1. That’s a good point actually. Agree, I don’t mind people having my “blog” identity but once your real identity is out there you can never take it back. I may well set up an FB account again someday but having discovered blogs I’m not sure how much I’d really say on FB now!

  5. I’m sorry, Emily – I’m not hooked up to either facebook or twitter :(
    But if I were, I’d LIKE you a thousand times! Hopefully you already know that.
    Have a beautiful Sunday. It’s like 65 degrees in Chi-town. How’s that for November? Gorgeous.

    1. That’s totally alright, Lisa! If you had a FB account I would like you a thousand times too! I am completely jealous of you in Chicago right now! I get really, really nostalgic for Chicagoland in the fall. It is, bar none, the most beautiful place ever from September through November.

  6. Do I get a cheeseball if I “like” your page? I don’t have a speaker7 facebook page, I have a real person facebook page so I’m going to wait and like it surreptiously.

    1. I think I can hook you up with a cheeseball. One of the salmon-colored ones. Ewww.

  7. Got it will do! What’s the link? — I’ll try finding it on my own but just in case…

  8. I will go like you on FB my dear!! Thanks!!

    1. No, no! Thank YOU, my dear! ;D

  9. I have a FB page but TBH don’t really use it much, but I have liked you Mrs. I’ll have my cheeseball now please

    1. Your cheeseball is in the mail. Thanks!

  10. I like you whether I have Facebook or not. And I don’t anymore. But I still like you.

    I’m the first person at any party because that’s how I get the best parking.

    1. I was wondering where your page was. As long as you still have your Twitter, I won’t go into shock too hard ;D

  11. Emily, I did it! Does this mean we’re friends? – Amy

    1. Yes, it does! You are THE BEST! Thanks!

  12. You got it, babe. And I saw that you liked mine already, which makes me so happy.

    1. Thank you, lady. We are mutually the bests.

  13. Obviously, people will do anything for promises of cheeseballs. I am one of those people.
    I’m a little sad that I won’t be seeing your mac and cheese though.

  14. Point me in the direction of the cheese ball. And then the bathroom.
    I enjoy gorging in private.

    1. You are too late. All that is left are cocktail onions and napkins.

  15. I won’t have time to read any blogs today but I made sure to like your page so feel honored!

    1. Can you see my ego all the way in New Jersey?

  16. I would like some cheeseballs but I’m not on FB so I guess I’m disqualified. But if I were, I would definitely like your page and direct others to like it.

    1. Hehe that’s OK. Are you on Twitter? I have to find some way to stalk you… ;D

      1. Ha. I am on Twitter albeit in a small way.

  17. How did I miss this? I use Facebook (sometimes, mostly to wrestle). I will like right away ;)

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