Feelin’ Groovy

We had planned to drive to Raleigh today with C to visit the state farmer’s market, but when the temperature plunged and took her temperament down with it, I made the executive mom decision to put off our trip for tomorrow. I was bummed as I stood in the shower and realized that no family fun would be had today, and I braced myself to be let down once again when I announced to B that I would be taking the day off and going out on my own. But to my surprise, he understood my need to go out solo and just double-checked that we had enough peanut butter to sustain the two of them. Peanut butter secured, I kissed them both on the head, put on my cute new shoes my mom bought me when she was in town, and I was off.

First stop: the grocery store. A necessary place I had to go since we have corn tortillas, peanut butter, frozen cod, and an odd potato and not much else. I glazed over and did the shopping in record time since I had to meet up with myself for a date.

Second stop: a cafe I had never been to all by myself. I nestled in with a National Geographic and looked at old pictures of an ancient sequoia as I lingered over my Croque Madame. No diaper bag in tow. No iPad. Just a phone that remained silent. Even if it had rung, I would have had to really think over answering it since it’s rude to talk on your phone when you’re out with someone who needs your attention.

I still had thirty minutes to kill until the big event of my day, so I walked over to the local crunch buffet: the cloth diaper store. Amazing how much I could accomplish there without my wee one. Brand new cover and prefolds were purchased and I didn’t have to say “stop” to a tiny person once. Divinity. I even learned how to strip the diapers I already had from none other than a grownup. A face-to-face encounter. Did I mention how wonderful conversation is?

I walked across the street to an antique store I had been in before C was born. There must be a one-bump quota that must be met at this place at all time because the lady running the place was about to pop. A boy was on his way. I wished her well, alluded to my own little friend, bought some coasters, then called my two pals at home. All was well and the peanut butter was reportedly delicious.

It was finally time to do what I had aimed to do all day: go to the pottery studio and paint Wee Cee a present for her first birthday. The studio smelled like my teenage life: patchouli mixed with incense spiked with the dust of unfinished pottery. I selected a little owl plate and carefully painted it in for my girl. One table over from me sat sixteen-year-old twins with their mom, painting pieces to commemorate their birthday. Their presence was serendipitous. Polite, pensive, kind, grateful. The gentleness they infused into C’s owl won’t burn away when the plate gets fired.

I’m home now. C is napping, B is sitting next to me, and I’m writing a blog on Saturday afternoon, just trying to pin this day down.

Here’s to cold rainy days that have so much more in store than the skies portend. Here’s to dates with ourselves and mornings taken to remember how delightful being alone is. And here’s to coming home to people who love you and find joy in your joy.


  1. This makes me so happy! I am so glad you took yourself on a date!!

    1. It was glorious. It made me think of all our times at Seize the Clay.

  2. Teresa Pate · · Reply

    Glad you had your day, BUT wish I were there having it with you. I miss you, C, and B. soooooo much!
    It’s March Madness time and Aunt Pam, Jerry, Taylor, and I are watching University of Memphis and Michigan State…..please win, Memphis! We need it. Okay?

    1. I’m always a little dumbstruck when you talk about watching basketball. I definitely did not get that gene! Erm, go Tigers?

  3. That’s great, isn’t it wonderful that she’s still at the stage where she won’t have set her heart on going out so you can change plans without drama! Sounds like a very productive day…

    1. I didn’t even think of that, but yes, it is indeed a wonderful thing that she doesn’t yet get her heart set on things just yet!

  4. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a morning! I’m glad when moms get to have some time with themselves.

    1. Thanks, Rachel! It was the best morning ever! I think we both really benefitted from a few hours apart.

  5. Is this what people do on Saturdays? I’m not being snide or anything. I’m so far away from society I’m trying to figure out what closer to “normal” is. I think I’ve gone out on a Saturday twice in the last 6 months. Once was to get milk.

    Like I said before in your writer’s block post, you really are like a week or two behind me. Not in all aspects of life, but I spent a day similar to this just walking around the neighborhood then sitting in a Dunkin Donuts for a half hour doing nothing. It was a nice reminder of something, I’m just not sure what.

    1. I think it’s what people do. I mean, I saw a lot of other people at the restaurant and at the stores I went to. At the antique store, there were a bunch of older gay men looking around and that demographic is pretty much the gold standard for Saturday afternoon optimization. I wish I were a 50-something gay man because they all seem to know how to have good hobbies. What I’m saying is that Tim Gunn is probably the most fulfilled person in existence.

      1. Tim Gunn and the word “fullfilled” makes me think of something completely different :-/

  6. Good for you! There’s nothing better than getting the ol’ groove back!

    1. I feel so refreshed! It’s such a minty good feeling!

  7. That sounds like such a perfect day. I love going on “me” dates.

    1. I kind of took inspiration from your Mom Prom. I really need to get out solo more often for things other than grocery shopping

      1. It’s good for you. I should probably write about mom prom… lol I meant to and then just kind of never did.

  8. It sounds like a lovely day. I’m sure one of the best parts about having that bit of time to yourself was getting to come home to those two. :)
    Stop warming my heart. I’ve got my eye on you.

    1. It really was, Katie! We all need a little break from each other occasionally. It’s amazing the difference a few hours can make.

  9. I may be giving away my age group here,but it sounds like you had your Cheerios!

    1. How did you know that’s what I had for breakfast???

  10. This was just what the Dr. ordered! I think your day sounds wonderful. I love the idea of making a piece of ceramic for Cee’s birthday. That’s so special. :) She’ll always treasure it.
    Great post, Em. It put a smile on my face thinking of you out and about. :)

    1. I really hope she likes it! I had so much fun making it and it will always remind me of the time I took the day off just to recharge my C batteries. It’s a good reminder of how we all benefit from a little time apart.

  11. Sometimes you just need the time alone. Because I work outside the house and Logan goes to daycare (we call it school), I get lots of breaks – so I can’t imagine how it would be if I didn’t. I applaud you (and all other stay-at-home parents/caregivers). I’m glad you took the time for you. Sometimes our sanity requires it.

    1. I take my sanity for granted a lot of the time. I really need to invest in it more. Thanks, Kristin.

  12. I would consider that diem good and carped.

    1. Well put. I am going to go ahead and pronounce that carped like the fish because I am getting a serious case of the giggles doing so.

      1. You go right ahead. I always translate “carpe diem” as “seize the carp.” True.

        1. I knew I liked you.

          1. Ditto, kiddo!

  13. “Even if it had rung, I would have had to really think over answering it since it’s rude to talk on your phone when you’re out with someone who needs your attention.”

    I love this.. the restorative days are few and far between with young’uns in the house. Glad you got a day to do just that!

    1. They really are! I thought of you and your twins when I was sitting next to the table with the big kid twins. You multiple moms are a charmed bunch ;)

  14. Sounds like you and you had a great time together.
    I hope the two of you can make time to go out regularly

    1. I think we will! I am for sure going to call myself back before two weeks.

  15. I need this. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. My pleasure, lady!

  16. Glad you kept the day for yourself, Emily! It’s amazing how restorative that can be! Great post.

    1. Thanks, Cathy! I was really happy to have the opportunity to create something while I was out. I had forgotten how soothing painting can be.

  17. No wonder you were feeling groovy, Em. What a great day you had. Just magic.

    1. I am so glad I had the opportunity to write a little about it. It’s a good reminder for me in the future that these days are possible! Thanks, Brig.

  18. I love those brief moments of alone time. So sweet.

    1. I had kind of forgotten what being alone was like. It was a wonderful feeling.

  19. I’m glad that you were able to indulge yourself in a few simple pleasures.

  20. I love doing stuff like this. Although I am childless and therefore do not notice the difference in that way, I do spend time doing stuff I ‘have to’ quite a lot so enjoy time off to do stuff I want to. Hurrah for fun and time off!

  21. Yay! Do we get to see the painting??

  22. So nice to have your own day. Isn’t it crazy how much you can accomplish — in such a short time — when you are on your own? I sometimes wonder what I did with those huge gaps of time I must have had pre-kids?

  23. Groovy vibes, Mommio!

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