George Clinton is a Target shopper, and other untruths I’ll inevitably tell you

There are bloggers among us who are mercenaries. I am not one of them. I write for free and pretty much all you have to do is look at me nicely and I’ll beg you to let me write for you.

I have two guest posts this week. One is over at Psychobabble where I regale you with tips on being the best bridesmaid evar. The other is at Kidz Showz where I talk about celebrity narrators on – what else? – kids shows. Children, this is why you stay in school. A breadth of knowledge such as mine is to be had if you just commit yourself.

You may feel as though you’ve met your Emily Quota for the day by simply reading this post directing you to the other posts. However, you’ll never know if I revealed the secrets of the universe in my other two offerings to the blogging gods if you don’t take a look-see.

Plus, I mean, the picture below is featured in one of the posts. I’m pretty sure you’ll want to know the back story.

pfunk 1

See you over there! (Please?)

Once again, major props go to Ande for making my new blog badge. That guy is legit, yo. 


  1. Really, I research for money – but I write for free!

    1. Really? Then give me back the money I paid you to write on my blog, extortionist!

      1. Well, I had to research my kvetching file to do the post for your site :)

        1. Oh, I see.

  2. I never feel like I’ve met my Emily quota.

    1. Famous last words.

  3. I’m always looking for people to post guest stuph on my blog.

    1. Just say the word and you know I’ll be banging at your door.

        1. Inbox me at We’ll talk ;D

  4. Yessssssssssssssss.
    I just saw the words Kidz Showz and now I’m happy :D

    1. That’s funny that you say that because whenever I see the word “waiting” I totally geek out as if I own the word!

  5. Um, you are hilarious and awesome, but I actually think you could write a very serious book on how to be the world’s best matron of honor BECAUSE YOU WERE. I will never forget the look in your eye that told me you would happily cut any vendor who gave me the slightest bit of trouble. I love you, and you are the best!

    1. Something primal triggers in me whenever I’m bridesmaiding. I will cut a b*tch. ;D

  6. All Emily, all the time, makes the world (not just the kids) happy.

    1. Awww! Thanks, Tania! I may have to tape that up to my bathroom mirror.

  7. genericmessage · · Reply

    Came here for the George Clinton, stayed for the Target.

    1. If I had a penny for everytime someone said that to me.

  8. O god, embarrassing. I can’t believe you’ve put up that picture of me by my spaceship…

    1. You’ve really gotta be careful of the pictures you post on the Internet. I will find them ;D

      1. Your detective skills are too much for me. I guess I’d better go and take down those ones of me in that silver catsuit with the shoulder pads and tassles down the side. I’m always wearing that thing, never got it off actually, but I wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression to my readers.

  9. Good to know, I’ll pass your blog around. Guest bloggers unite!

  10. Emily: she’s everywhere you want to be.

    1. I’m accepted at more places than MasterCard.

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