Linky-linky! Ashley and I are hosting a linkup and we’d love for you to join in!


  1. That’s totally tubular.

    1. I agree! Also, tubular is a word that needs to be said more often.

      1. tubular, tubular, tubular, tubular

  2. That does sound fun. :) Is this something a slightly computer illiterate space cadet could do easily? Does “grab the badge” just mean copy and paste? Because I’m totally proficient with that!

    1. I have the same worry… Am I computer savvy enough to manage this one….? We will see.

      1. It is way easy. You can do it! ;D

        1. Ok. I’ll give it a go…. I hope you’re right

    2. Yep! I am a dolt as far as the technical blogging stuff goes too and this will be way easy ;D Copy and paste should work (although you may need to download the image to your compy first.)

  3. […] and Ashley will be collecting some fun stories this summer, so follow along. Check out the details here. I figure that I spend plenty of time remembering things from the past, I might as well jump in and […]

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