Saturdays at Mimi’s

In honor of Mimi on her 87th birthday. Miss her and love her.

The Waiting

On January 16, 1982, a Mimi was born. A fancy grandmother.

Was Mimi ever not a fancy grandmother? How did she exist before her first grandchild came into the world? Who did she make chocolate pudding with the skin on top for before that day? Who did she talk about at Garden Club and Birthday Club meetings? Who did she smell good for?

She had a life before she was a Mimi. By the time you met her, she had already had her heart broken and shredded. You would later on learn about her little girl who died before her seventh birthday. You’d see Marla’s grave marker with a pleasant patena all over it next to her father’s – the grandfather you never met. A young widow. You would rarely hear Mimi talk about them. Her own childhood was far enough away for her to be a bit more candid…

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  1. This. This was the one that started my love for your blog. It’s so beautiful. It is one of those few posts by someone else that I wish I had written myself. Happy Birthday to your Mimi.

  2. You have a warm, wonderful heart and soul, Emily.

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