More Than the Sum

In honor of Sibling Day, here’s a post I wrote awhile back about my amazing brother Trevor. I am so blessed to have him in my life.

The Waiting

I am thinking a lot about my brother lately. He is more than the sum of his parts, although the sum of his parts do yield a pretty impressive human. See thus:

1. He is an Eagle Scout. He started scouting as a kindergartener and he went the entire way. No small thing. Achieving the highest level of scouting takes a level of commitment that people don’t realize.

2. He is the healthiest person I know. He works out almost everyday and has been eating like Hostess has been out of business for years. No one ever told him to focus on his health, yet he did because he cares about the temple that is his body. I am amazed that we come from the same pool of DNA.

3. He is a walking encyclopedia. Fair warning: don’t ask him about World War II, weaponry, weight lifting, gardening, dogs, or…

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  1. I reread this post and found it as inspiring now as I did the first time. He sounds like a wonderful role model for your daughter.

  2. Teresa P. · · Reply

    You are a blessing. Mom

  3. What a delightful tribute! Probably makes up for all the mean things you did to him as a child.

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