Remember the Time When You Had Not a Care in the World?

Hi Kids!  Rob the Intern here.  Today is my very last day at P&G as I am retiring.  “Kids” is the relevant word for this month’s RTT topic because when you finally hit that magic day when you’re able to walk away from your employer, it tends to put one in a very nostalgic mood, one where you’re thinking back on all your past days, especially those of growing up; being young without a care in the world…especially not dreaming of needing to hold a job or raising a family.

Remember the Time when you had not a care in the world?

Emily shares with me that she might be back to join the fun very soon so in any regard, I want to thank you all for hanging in there with me, for contributing to the monthly RTT blog hop and merely for not forgetting about Emily while she’s on ‘shore leave’.  In light of her potential return and my retirement, (from real work that is), I thought it might be fun for a sort of ‘free for all’ type of blog hop.

No Worries Here

No Worries Here

If you’re reading this, then likely you’re a grown-up.  If you’re a grown-up, then you must have had a childhood (see how smart I am?  No wonder I can retire!)  We’ve all likely had ourselves some rough times, but hopefully all of you out there can relate to a time of youth when you had no cares.  Perhaps you had cares, but today they seem so miniscule in comparison with those of today?  How about we all share a simple story of simpler times.  Let’s go back in time together and ‘remember when’.  Share a story of growing up, maybe something about your brothers and sisters.  Perhaps you’d like to share a simple story of a memory that makes you smile every time you think about it?  The story I am sharing this month always puts a smile on my face…(even now).

The rules each month are the same. Stick to the theme of growing up and writing about a simpler time of life.  The main point is to write, to share and have fun.  Just please stick to the “remember the time” vibe that Emily and Kelly have been working so hard to maintain. As always, attach the cute RTT badge to your posting and follow the instructions below to allow us all to share your memories.

The linkup closes July 31sth at 11:55PM EST, so be sure to get your link in before then!

As before, I’m pasting Emily’s instructions from a previous month’s RTT challenge. Let’s have fun!


Write your post and affix the brand new (ooooooh! ahhhhh!) RTT badge at the bottom of it. Then, add your link to the Inlinkz box at the bottom of this post so that all the other participants can read it! And while I have your attention with the gripping details of the linkup, allow me to add a couple guidelines about linking up.

Firstly, please only submit your link if it is related to the prompt. While we LOVE all nostalgic stories, this is a writing “challenge” of sorts and we’d like for all submissions to be thematically similar. Hold your great tale of the time your cat fell down the chimney for a Wild Card month. ;D

Also, the Inlinkz form has changed recently and it’s doing that sorta-kinda annoying thing where the description of what goes in each box is actually BELOW the box. (I know. But it’s free.) Be sure to pay close attention when when you’re filling in the boxes or your link won’t work.

And last but not least, for the box labeled “Name”, please type the name of your blog instead of the title of your post. Capiche?

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  1. i miss those times..

  2. Happy Retirement, Rob!!! I have a feeling you are going to enjoy it!

    1. I’m a believer, I couldn’t leave her if I tried

      1. You know just what to say to me.

        1. How do you think a smartass like me has been able to stay married for 36 years? It sure as heck ain’t my looks. ;)

  3. I was just thinking about this today. Summer used to seem so magical to me. Not so much now


    1. I hope that changes one day for you! If you feel like walking down memory lane, try my stories – hopefully a few will make you laugh about your own childhood memories.

      1. I shall do that! Thank you!!

  4. I’m so far from retirement it makes me tired just thinking about it! But I truly try stay positive and hope that I find a job I love, being unemployed is a battle, and I can work the rest of my days in a happy and challenging environment: enjoy your new found spare time!!

    1. Thanks Fifi – I used to be the youngest person in my groups. I turned around one day and we were all about the same age. Today I sat on a plane, next to a very cute 20-something. One of the worst things about aging is no longer being able to look at young women without my conscience jumping in to shout – hey, Stupid, you’re old enough to be her daddy!

      Take a job you hate, make some money, keep looking. We should all work to live, not live to work.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts – they took me back.

      1. Thanks for the advice! And hey if Hugh Hefner can do it so can you lol.. Take care!

  5. Wow, I remember the time when you were expecting and we had both started on this journey of blogging. How far your blog has come!! Congrats! Lovely to see your success in the blogosphere. Just came back to my blog – so much to catch up on. Hope to get to know your work better soon!

    1. Hopefully this was for Em and not me. ;)

      Thanks for checking in

  6. […] The first time that I remember going is when I was about 7 and went to the Fort Worth, Texas zoo when we were on vacation in the Dallas area for about a week. It was in the summer in July, so it was hot. When we were nearly done at the zoo, it started raining. We ducked into one of the gift shops to let the rain pass so we could finish going through the zoo. I had a lot of fun. And I’m amazed that I remember the details from when I was 7!  That was 18 years ago. […]

  7. […] ice cream? If you are interested in joining the hop as well, check out Rob’s instructions HERE. And be sure to check out other RTT Blog Hop posts at the link […]

  8. […] ice cream? If you are interested in joining the hop as well, check out Rob’s instructions HERE. And be sure to check out other RTT Blog Hop posts at the link […]

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