It’s All In the Timing

I learn new things every day. 

For instance, today I learned that we have not yet reached that point where we can laugh about that penny she accidentally swallowed last August.  

Nope. Definitely not a thing to bring up jocularly while playing the Sheriff Callie matching game. 

Duly noted. 



  1. Oooh, those touchy subjects. We still can’t talk about the Lego minifigure Cash’s sister washed down the sink 4 years ago. It still brings tears and cries of, “I can’t believe she did that. I need a hug!”

    1. So basically his Legos went down the drain with his dreams? 😭

      1. And now he knows his little sister means business. ;)

  2. Lol my sister did swallow a penny. I didn’t know. She was jumping up and down pointing at the 9 pennies instead of ten. She pointed in her mouth as if she couldn’t talk. Fifty years later we do laugh. :-) Thanks for the memory.

  3. This picture wins the internet! Her face tells the story so much better than words ever could! I am the single mom to a two year old and know that my “crap, my kid swallowed a penny” day is coming. Actually, my kid doesn’t tend to put stuff in his mouth so it will probably his nose or his ear. Or God help me, his penis hole. Love your words, Nevin

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