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Remember That Time…you spent the night?

So, with the first week of Ashley’s and my nostalgic blog linkup Remember the Time When We Did the Things behind us, I think we can safely say that it was a good idea to get y’all to write stuff for us. Even though we launched it on a day when most Americans were busier […]

Beyond Self-Promotion: Some Whys and Hows of Guest Blogging

Last week, I bought a book. It is the book adaptation of one of my favorite blogs, Lame Adventures. Yours truly – Madame Tightwad – couldn’t buy this book fast enough and would have forked over a bit more of my money had V asked me to, but she’s a good person and has priced […]

Listen To Your Ashley

Meet Ashley. You may know her already. Still, say hi. Hiiiiiiiiii, Ashley. Ashley is pretty much the best. She writes a blog called Zebra Garden. I had been blogging for two months when I found Ashley. Scrolling through the parenting boards on WordPress, I clicked on a link to a post by a full-term preggo […]

Humor me for a sec.

I just have one little question for you. It’s this: That was easy, no? I have never done a poll on the blog before. I evidently thought about doing one, though, because when I went to make the one above I found this one in my poll queue. It was from before C (AKA Bebe) […]

I should probably write a blog.

I have a few extra minutes. I’ll write a blog post. *Logs into WordPress.* I should check out Freshly Pressed. It’s been a few days. Anything good? HEY! My blogging friend has been FP’d! I should read what they wrote. *Reads post. Feels dumb because overlooked it when first saw it in reader several days […]

Wee Cee’s Bloggy Birthday Extravaganza!

Welcome to Wee Cee’s first birthday party, here at YeeHaw Ranch Curly Locks! As C is getting bigger, she is becoming slightly obsessed with animals, so what better locale for her birthday party than a farm! MamaSheri has graciously opened her home to us to celebrate C’s first birthday, and her Angora goats couldn’t be […]

Happiness is a small rabibit in your heart.

If someone tells you that that they lived in Asia but didn’t have a few laughs over the proliferation of Engrish there, they are way too serious, and likely also lying. I loved being surrounded by Konglish when I lived in Korea. English deserves to be taken down a few pegs. Once I found this […]

Blogging from North Korea

So, did you hear about the time Dennis Rodman went to North Korea? Yeah, that happened. He’s been dealing with it like a pro too, declaring Kim Jong Un an “awesome” guy and ignoring the flagrant human rights violations the Kim regime has instigated.¬†Rodman tweeted at Psy of “Gangnam Style” fame¬†and mused whether he’d run […]

Playing Nice in the Blogosphere

Last night I was reading one of my favorite blogs, which I don’t get around to visiting too often because it’s so good that I need to allot at least an hour to just to catch up. With 10,000+ active followers, it’s one of the big blogs where the comments are usually as funny and […]

General Announcements

Apparently nowadays most schools have morning and afternoon announcements that come on over the school’s own TV channel. I guess this is integral to the professional development of aspiring TV anchors everywhere. All we need are more pundits to talk about everything and nothing all at once on CNN, so the elementary school is the […]