Wee Cee’s Bloggy Birthday Extravaganza!


MamaSheri’s Blog

Welcome to Wee Cee’s first birthday party, here at YeeHaw Ranch Curly Locks! As C is getting bigger, she is becoming slightly obsessed with animals, so what better locale for her birthday party than a farm! MamaSheri has graciously opened her home to us to celebrate C’s first birthday, and her Angora goats couldn’t be happier. Babies and fluffy aminals go hand-in-hand.

First to arrive at C’s party are little baby Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher and little baby Lisa. They heard that Wee Cee recently outgrew her own sailor dress and decided to don their nautical garb to her first birthday party. The marine contingent must be properly represented at any and all children’s birthday parties.



A Gripping Life

A Gripping Life

Sporadically blogging but with a vengeance is C’s future father-in-law, Ande from & Squatch Makes Three. He must be on Spring Break because he was able to make an appearance at C’s shindig. Squatch (Cee’s future spouse) is still just a glimmer in his eye. Or maybe in his tooth? Keep the goats away from Ande’s chompers.

& Squatch Makes Three

& Squatch Makes Three

C’s future husband Squatch also sends his regards.

squatch bday

& Squatch Makes Three
Alternate caption: Why I love the Internet

Here’s Doodle! What a happy guy! He cannot contain his enthusiasm and wishes “ABC” a big “happy birthday” with gusto!

Stay at Home Trauma

Stay at Home Trauma

The magic of the Internet has also brought C’s Auntie Tracy here too! A sweet face – it runs in the family.

Baby Tracy

Baby Tracy


Wee Cee, 25ish years later

“Family resemblance” isn’t a strong enough phrase.

A couple minutes into the festivities and baby Ashley has already gotten a little too up close and personal with the goats. Into the bath she goes.

Zebra Garden

Zebra Garden

This party would not be the same without Baby Weebles and Wee Clown. Wee Cee’s birthday bash will go down in history as the place where these two WordPress icons met for the first time. Here they are next to the pony rides spouting genius and plotting their total Internet takeover. And crapping their pants. Awwwwww.

baby pic combine 1

It’s love at first sight. (L-Fear No Weebles, R-A Clown on Fire)

Winning the award for “furthest traveled to get to a first birthday party” is Lazy Laura Maisey and Pixie Girl! They have donned their cutest little frocks and sailed across the pond from the UK to celebrate with us! Hurrah! Tea and crumpets!

baby pic combine 2

ADORBS! (L-Exploring Pixie, R-Lazy Laura Maisey and her bro, sporting the most awesome pants of all time)

Actually, I take that back. Twindaddy and Baby C have joined us from a galaxy far, far away. Incidentally, Miss C’s first word is “Va-dow.” Teaching them well and all.

Stuph Blog

Stuph Blog

Time for presents!


Presents are kinda fun. Just slightly.

Baby Sara is extremely willing to help C open her gifts, should she need any assistance.

Life in These Times

Life in These Times

Tamara has brought along her sweet girl who highly recommends this groovy floor mat.

Mockingbird, Don't

Mockingbird, Don’t

Arthur from Cupcakes and Hoodies is passing along some awesome rings and board books!

Cupcakes and Hoodies

Cupcakes and Hoodies

Heather of Becoming Cliche has brought along her entire brood! They are giving Wee Cee her very first tortoise and a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
In other words, they are giving her the most awesome gifts anyone could ask for.

baby pic combo 4

Becoming Cliche (clockwise from top: Mama Heather, Girl Child, Squish, and the Padawan

Kortney knows a girl’s heart as and brought Wee Cee some totally rad ’80’s costume jewelry (and a business card for the hairstylist who will equip C with an awesome mullet of her own once she gets some hair.)

Kortney knows a girl's heart as and brought Wee Cee some totally rad '80's costume jewelry (and a business card for the hairstylist who will equip C with an awesome mullet of her own once she gets some hair.)

Stay At Home Trauma

No birthday party would be complete without a few games. Because Lyssa is an expert on all things Halloween, she has come to the party equipped with a few pumpkins for carving. I have no idea where she got them in the middle of spring, but I’m not asking any questions because she may sick her fiance Shirtless Ryan Gosling on me if I do, and he will blind us all with his abs.



Lily in Canada

Lily in Canada

After the Easter Birthday Pumpkin Carving extravaganza, let’s all go swimming with Lily! This is a rare moment in her childhood when she is swimming instead of doing TV-viewing research for her future blog Kidz Showz. Tim takes his future commitment to Kidz Showz far more seriously and has opted to stay home from the festivities so he can watch a GI Joe marathon.

Now, where are my manners? We’ve all been at the party for some time now and I haven’t even offered you any refreshments. Assuming that you don’t want to eat goat food and the shards of pumpkin left over from carving jack-o-lanterns, I had better whip something up.

Cake time!


C’s cake was pretty much the most delicious thing EVA.

Logan will assist Wee Cee in blowing out the candles if she needs some assistance.


Thoughts and Musings

Leading the singing of The Birthday Song are Curly Carly and Wee Cee’s Auntie Cameron (AKA Krug the Thinker) and Uncle Martin. They are her main contenders at the party in toothache-inducing cuteness.

Curly Carly

Curly Carly

Krug the Thinker

Krug the Thinker

baby pic combo 3

Southern Fried in Vegas

However, man cannot live on cake alone. Oh no. That’s why we invited the Head Chicken of Southern Fried Chicken in Vegas and Gummy to the party. Both are well-aware that baby birthday parties have a tendency to wear on the nerves of grownups (it’s intuition), so they have brought along a few adult beverages for all the adult handlers who are accompanying their kiddos to the party.

With all this alcohol and cake consumption activity, everyone is starting to get tired. The best part about baby birthday parties is that there are naptimes built in. Let’s all settle in and let Kristin’s Grandpa tell us a story before we hit the hay. (Literal hay, since we’re on a farm and all.)

Thoughts and Musings

Thoughts and Musings

The Bean is ZONKED out.

Life in These Times

Life in These Times

We can’t say so much for baby Ruby Tuesday. She doesn’t want to miss any of the action.

Ruby Tuesday

I Was Just Thinking

Awake from her nap and raring to go, Amy refuels on cake an goat face time. She also wonders about the identity of the topless outtie behind her.

The Bumble Files

The Bumble Files

Amy from Lucy’s Football seems to be petering out. Did someone give her raisins? For shame.

Lucy's Football

Lucy’s Football

And now that the party is almost over, it’s time for some goody bags. Well, only one, because kids = expensive. You didn’t think I forgot about the giveaway, did you? Congratulations to Mamasheri for winning an assortment of North Carolina-made goodies! Hurrah for free stuff! The fates were in her favor when she was randomly selected to win blueberry jam, honey soap, and pumpkin barbeque sauce from Nephew’s BBQ Sauce and Rub Company! I mean, she DID put up with a bunch of babies all day. Major, MAJOR shout-outs to Ashley, Heather, and Laura too for the goodies y’all sent us via snail mail. They made C’s special day all the more wonderful, and we both truly appreciate them.


Thank you for coming to C’s first blog birthday!

"How old are you?" "I'm ONE!"

“How old are you?”
“I’m ONE!”


  1. Le Clown · · Reply

    Wee Cee,
    Happy birthday! What a great virtual card you have here… Mummy was wise to not post my baby picture in which I poo in George W. Bush’s hands… I’m much cuter as Visible Minority Le Clown.
    Much love, Wee Cee.
    Le Clown

    1. I would like to have seen that picture. Because you lived my dream, except substitute “head” for “hands.”

      1. Le Clown · · Reply

        I wasn’t even a second between his hands that I crapped all over him. Bush is the most reliable laxative there is.
        Le Clown

      2. I will send it to you. I don’t think Le Clown will mind.

    2. Le Clown,
      Pooing in someone’s hands. That’s a great idea. Thanks for that. I will remember that next time those people try to clean my teeth.

      Wee Cee

  2. Ohmahgosh! Such cute babies everywhere! Happiest birthday, Wee Cee!

    1. Thank you! Babies are the best, and thank you for her books. She checked them out at bedtime tonight and was really excited!

  3. Curly Carly · · Reply

    This turned out so great! I can’t believe how many photos you were able to work into it. Happy Birthday to Wee Cee!! Thanks for including me and, um, calling my photo “cute” rather than “puzzling” or “hilarious.” :)

    1. Curly Carly · · Reply

      And yes, she looks just like her Auntie!

    2. My pleasure. It was quite a challenge to work them all in, but we had a lot of fun doing it! Your pic wins the Internet. Perfection.

  4. I love this post so much. It’s not even a post, it’s like a magical photo album storytelling creation. This is incredible, Emily. Beyond incredible. And I’m so happy I got to be a part! You and Wee Cee have made my day, so give her lots and lots of love from me. And give yourself a bunch, too! xoxo

    1. I am so glad you got to be a part of it, too! I love these things. There’s nothing like a bunch of old baby pics that are authentically sepia-ed and not all Instagrammy. Is that a word? I say it is :D xoxo

  5. Happy birthday, Wee Cee!! What a great party!

    1. Thanks for coming! ;D

  6. Karli won’t let me have a goat, either. It’s a conspiracy.

    Happy Birthday, Wee Cee!

    1. Dude. Totally unrelated, but I totally want a pig for a pet. I think C would like it. I may be insane.

  7. Happy Birthday, Wee Cee! Very nice post!

    1. Thanks, Rachelle! I will pass on your birthday greetings to her!

  8. I’m apparently the only person who showed up naked to this party. Haha

    I’m glad the gift was a hit. It sounds like she had a special day! One of many, many more to come.

    1. She loves the letters! She carries them all around the house and hopefully soon it will occur to her that they actually stick to things haha

  9. Emily,
    I LOVED this! Thanks for putting together such a great card for C. How fun to see all of my friends as babies! Happy Birthday, Cee. (She’s so beautiful!)

    1. I know, right?! I LOVE baby pics and I’ve been thinking about getting people to send in theirs for awhile now. This was just the perfect opportunity. I will pass on your birthday wishes to her!

  10. Happy BIRTHDAY, Wee Cee – that was the cutest party blog ev-ah! Thanks for inviting me – sorry I had to bring my brother – my Mom wouldn’t let me go out alone in that sailor costume…

    1. That’s OK. I always had to bring my brother along too when I was a kid. I think this makes me generous?

      1. I had not choice ~ you might be generous, however!

  11. If I had baby pictures I would have surely sent one in. You could have done a nice assessment on how a human can go from having beautiful curly blonde hair to whatever it is I have now.

    Happy Birthday to Wee Cee. She’s already more famous than she can possibly understand.

    1. I really hope the fame doesn’t go to her head. I cannot abide with a diva.

  12. Your imagination is adorable! I had a great time at the party and really enjoyed hosting it. The goats had a blast playing with the kids. I’m enjoying my prize jam with a cup of tea and toast. Happy Birthday WeeCee!!!

    1. Hehehe I hope you really like them! I had so much fun shopping for them! It gave me the opportunity to visit the NC State Farmer’s Market, which is basically my favorite place on the entire planet.

  13. Cutest blog party ever! Happy birthday, Wee Cee!

    1. Thank you! She had a great time at her IRL party too!

  14. You amaze me! What a clever and fun post. The pictures are fabulous (I can’t even imagine how much time this took you to put together…), and I love how Wee Clown hasn’t changed much from his present-day self.

    A big Happy Birthday to your little one!

    1. Ha! It was fun to put together, except for the formatting and layout. I almost threw my computer thru the window trying to get the photos right, and I still think that they get messed up if you view them on a tablet. Oh well. At least we all had fun!

  15. Oh, Emily. Way to go. I loved this post!! Wonderful. Happy Birthday to little Wee Cee! I’m so happy I could be a part of her celebration!

    1. Thank you for sending your pic in, Amy! I’m glad you got a kick out of it.

  16. Is it sad that this is the best birthday I’ve been to? I had a great time! And it’s a rarity that I was the first one in my bathing suit! Yolo.
    Happy birthday Miss C! So glad I was able to attend! Thanks for the cake and the animals and the festivities!
    Also, YES about Kidz Showz making an appearance. heheh

    1. Kidz Showz is probably the only blog that really had any business being at this party. OF COURSE it makes an appearance!

  17. Hooray for such a DARLING happy birthday baby blog party! :) Thanks for inviting Doodle and me! We’re so glad the birthday girl had lots of fun, delicious cake and wonderful presents.

    1. Thank you for coming and for bringing the bling!

  18. Could this be any cuter?! I was there in spirit, as I meant to grab a baby pic of myself while I was at home and digging through albums…but I didn’t. Happy Birthday, C!!!

    1. That’s OK! It won’t be long until it’s time for you to start planning a party of your own. I mean what.

  19. So, thanks for the very convenient list of blogs for me to check out. I’m lazy about finding good blogs to read. And you just encouraged me to continue my laziness by plopping all these right in my lap. Oh, and happy first birthday Wee Cee! First birthdays are the best!

    1. Ha! It is my pleasure! I have the best, most interactive blogging peeps. You’ll love them all. ;D

      1. OH yes. We’ve already been interacting all up in here. Whoop whoop! But promise not to be that girl who comes in an steals all your friends. Those girls suck.

  20. Very creative! Like some of your other readers have commented I remember when this was a pregnancy blog. Amazing that she’s 1. Hope you had a great real-life day as well as virtual day!

    1. That seems so long ago that I was talking about being pregnant. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever be blogging about that again. Ooomph. We had a great IRL birthday too full of fun and lots of electronic toys that sing! Double oomph.

  21. More Happy Birthday Wishes for Cee!!! This was the best!! I love Birthday parties and this one tops my list. How fun it is to see everyone! Can I just say that there is a strong resemblance between Cee and her Aunt. Wow!
    Emily, you’re so creative, what a clever idea. Isn’t it funny how we all basically look the same? I could pretty much guess Amy and Denise.
    Have a fun rest of the day!!!

    1. Thanks for coming to our party! I know, I totally cannot believe how much C looked like her Aunt Tracy when she was a baby. Tracy actually just had a little boy of her own about five months ago and now he’s looking more and more like C everyday. We are just a family full of clones.

  22. What a cute idea! I’m glad I’m crashing the party now.

    Happy Birthday Wee Cee!

    1. Crash anytime! The more the merrier!

  23. Happy birthday, Wee Cee! I’m so glad I could attend your party with all these rockin’ babies, even though I looked MOST perplexed. It was the camera being pointed at me that did it. I didn’t like them THEN and I don’t like them NOW. This post is the MOST AWESOME THING EVER. Loved it so much!

    1. Cameras trap your soul. This is common knowledge, right? Thanks for coming to our party! AND for RTing! xoxo

  24. Mmm, jack-o-lantern shards! What a fun 1st birthday party!

    1. The dang goats ate all the seeds before we could get to them.

  25. Reblogged this on Cupcakes And Hoodies and commented:
    Arthur took part in the first (online) birthday party for Wee C, the adorable girl of one of my favourite bloggers Emily! Go on and check out the post – there’s presents and cake1

    1. Yay! Thanks for the reblog AND for coming to our partay!

  26. Oh wow! This is so amazing! Wow, the work you must have put in – but I’m sure it was fun ;) A wonderful memory, and something to keep ;) I hope Wee Cee had a lovely time!

    1. She did! Believe it or not, she had even more fun at her real-life party. I know, shocking ;)

  27. Reblogged this on Exploring Pixie and commented:
    …and another reblog. I recommend checking Emily’s post out – it might be your only chance to see what bloggers looked like as kids!

    1. This is the EXACT reason I wanted to do this…to see pictures of the big bad bloggers as babies.

  28. Lily’s swim skirt deserves a prize!

    1. I kind of want her bathing suit for myself.

  29. Such a fun virtual memory for your baby!
    A friend at work is doing something so neat….
    She created an email for her one year old daughter and
    writes to her and sends her pictures just like this! I wish that things had been
    as technically advanced back when my kids were younger.
    The best I could do was record voices on tape.
    I also wrote in a little silver book for my daughter. I received it at my baby shower
    It was a two year journal,
    I started it when I was pregnant with her. I wrote about all of my hopes and dreams for her~
    and then the next was funny things she said and did and her progression and milestones the
    next year. I remember imagining her reading it when she was grown.
    I tucked it into her suitcase when she was moving away to go to college and forgot about it.
    One day she called me crying and said…. it had been raining all day so she was looking for something to read and she found the book and sat in the closet all day reading it. The neat thing
    was… THAT is exactly what I had imagined her doing. Only being privy to my beautiful baby inside of me and then who I had only known for a year as a woman someday reading my words when I could not be there… answering questions of when she sat up or said her first words so that she could someday have her own references of what SHE did so she could compare with her babies someday.
    It seems like just yesterday when I was where you are…. celebrating my babie’s first birthday. Enjoy every minute! It all flies by in the blink of an eye. My best advice is…. don’t be so quick to want the next step, the talking and walking and growing… it all happens so fast. Slow down and soak it all up! From this birthday party journal it looks like you do! (Enjoy every minute!) ;)

    1. That is so cool that you did that for her AND that she read it and appreciated every bit of it! That’s all I really hope for in the writing that I do about my daughter. It’s nice that other people want to read it too, but the primary purpose it serves is for her to read it when she’s old enough to understand it and know how much I have always loved her. She is my world. I have really no other desire than for her to always feel secure in the devotion her dad and I have toward her. Everything else is really gravy.

  30. Happy Birthday Cee! I’m away and missed it on your big day, but man can your creative mama throw a party!! Way to go mom. No doubt Wee Cee will love reading this one day. Fantastic!

    1. I certainly hope so! Thanks for your birthday wishes! I will pass them on to her ;D

  31. […] items from North Carolina. BBQ sauce, blueberry jam and honey soap. How cool is that!!!! Thank you The Waiting. Also….I received an award. My 2nd nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award….from […]

  32. […] to my child’s 1st birthday party,” Emily said in […]

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