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Remember the Time…we had important news AND a writing prompt?

Good morning, Remember the Timers! (Isn’t that so much better than Nostalgiaphiles?) I know you guys absolutely luuuuuurve tuning in on Monday for these posts where I dictate what you are going to write about this week, but all good elective mandates must come to an end. This is the last Monday RTT post you […]

Remember the Time…we carpooled?

Some bad news and some good news for you this Monday. What would you like first? The bad news? Good, me too. Let’s yank that Band-Aid off real quick. I’m bummed to tell you today that my right-hand lady Ashley of Zebra Garden is going to be taking a longterm hiatus from blogging and Remember […]

General Announcements

Apparently nowadays most schools have morning and afternoon announcements that come on over the school’s own TV channel. I guess this is integral to the professional development of aspiring TV anchors everywhere. All we need are more pundits to talk about everything and nothing all at once on CNN, so the elementary school is the […]