Remember the Time…we carpooled?

Some bad news and some good news for you this Monday. What would you like first? The bad news? Good, me too. Let’s yank that Band-Aid off real quick.

I’m bummed to tell you today that my right-hand lady Ashley of Zebra Garden is going to be taking a longterm hiatus from blogging and Remember the Time too. This linkup was all her idea in the first place, so it’s going to be a weird thing to be doing it without her. She’s trusting me to handle her baby and I just hope I don’t frick it up.

Let's hope I'm better at managing RTT than I am at implementing Pinterest projects.

It would be really sad if this Pinterest meme became emblemmatic of pre- and post- Ashley RTT.

The reason she’s taking a step back from blogging is because she’s working on some incredible projects that I will tell you all about once she gives me the go-ahead. Please join me in wishing The Divine Mrs. A the best of luck in spreading her awesomeness through – dare I say it? – actual printed media. ;D

Now, for the good news. I am happy to announce that Kelly from Are You Finished Yet? wasn’t completely turned off by my habit of proposing on the first date, and she has accepted the challenge of cohosting these weekly Remember the Time shindigs with me. If you don’t already know her, get to know her. She’s going to be the one refilling your Dixie cups with cheap booze while I hound you to take your shoes off before you enter the nice living room.

The face of a cheap booze enabler

The face of a beer enabler/hilarious blogger (They are kind of the same.)

To break Kelly in, I demanded kindly requested that she come up with this week’s Remember the Time theme. And she did not fail to deliver! As a driver of a very stacked van, Kelly selected the theme of carpooling. This week, tell us your tales of sharing your car willingly or (more likely) unwillingly.

They win the literal award. Source

They win the literal award. Source

Write your post and then check back here and at Are You Finished Yet? on Thursday to link up with Kelly and me! See you then!

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  1. Whole new meaning to the word car pool :P

    1. Or the original meaning?


  2. Best of luck to Ashley! I am VERY excited to hear about the new project. And yay! Welcome, Kelly!

    1. Thank you, Lucy!

    2. Me too! She is a rockstar ;D

  3. Good luck to Ashley! I loved the image of the cupcake attempt. I know that feeling when it comes to cake decorating…

    1. That picture is my absolute favorite, likely because my hobby is ruining recipes.

  4. […] But don’t worry. We will totally be an Animal House sorority. Emily has already designated me the one who will refill Dixie cups with cheap booze. And if you happen to find a random horse in your blog, it was likely just me and Emily up to our […]

  5. I am not worthy. But you do have me pegged correctly: I do like cheap booze. Thanks for taking me on as your partner in crime. I’ll try not to make any rookie moves.

    1. OH I KNOW YOU. I didn’t recognize your blog name at first, but I know your Gravatar. I’m the worst, I know.

      1. Not at all. I was thinking about just changing my Gravatar to my blog name…that would make sense. Duh.

    2. See? If you like cheap booze, you can do no wrong.

  6. Major bummer about Ashley, but I’m excited for the new co-host!

    1. She is awesome. You will love her.

      1. At the very least, you’ll love my cheap booze.

  7. Best of luck to Ashley, but seems like you’ve got a great new sidekick there :)

    1. Kelly is hilarious and awesome. She’ll rock it ;D

      1. Thanks…but I hope you’re not overselling me. I’m going to start having stress dreams where I wake up naked in the middle of a computer lab while everyone watches me try to write a blog post…and instead of laughing at my blog, they laugh at my butt. You know the dreams…right?….oh….it’s just me? Awkward.

  8. Congrats Ashley; Mazel Kelly; and, keep on truckin’ Emily!

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