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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Baby on Board

Everyone knows or has heard of one person who has given birth in a car. The miracle of life defies location. But how often do you see a car giving birth to another car?   The new family is registered at AutoZone. ♥ This is the fourth installment of National Emily Posts Month (NaEmPoMo). Connect on […]

Sleep is not expendable.

A few days ago, Rara wrote this post about blogging in her sleep, and I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy over her proclivity to sleepwalk her way to her keyboard and pound out words. The only thing I do in my sleep is dream about going back to high school and riding […]

May the gushing begin!

For once, the baby picture you see here is not of Wee Cee. The child above is me, at the celebration of my first year on the planet. I was one, as C will soon be as well. Her first birthday is next month on March 31! WHAT? This blog was born because she started […]