Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Baby on Board

Everyone knows or has heard of one person who has given birth in a car. The miracle of life defies location.

But how often do you see a car giving birth to another car?

baby on board


The new family is registered at AutoZone.

NaEmPoMo resizeThis is the fourth installment of National Emily Posts Month (NaEmPoMo). Connect on Facebook and Twitter @thewaitingblog if you just can’t get enough. (Do do do do do do do.)


  1. ouch, hoping that car got an epidural…

    1. The odds are good that it did since this clearly wasn’t a home birth.

  2. I thought I had seen it all. I was wrong! :D

  3. Wow. And breech, too!

    1. It takes “high risk pregnancy” to a whole other level.

      1. Truly. Everyone behind them is at risk, too.

  4. Looks just like the father!

  5. I bet their insurance only pays for one night in the garage.

    1. I’d hope that they will at least get towed home. If that car got an epidural there’s no way it’s wheels will hold out.

  6. LOL! Now that’s funny!

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