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Beer + Nerdy Girl = Me at Twelve

It’s time to remember the, erm, time! This week’s RTT theme is a juicy one: tell us about your adventures with the hooch. Hair of the dog. Canned heat. A brewski. Adult beverages. (Thanks, Urban Dictionary, for helping me remember all these fantastic slang terms for alcohol.) For my own offering, I am bringing out […]

When the Glove Doesn’t Fit

It’s high time we all started remembering again! For the first Remember the Time installment of 2014, write a post about the time you received a piece of news that impacted the entire world or just your world. Maybe you’ll want to talk about hearing the news of the Kennedy assassination or 9/11. Your post […]

This Post Is Just So Middle School

This week for Remember the Time, tell us about a rivalry you’ve fostered. Sibling, cousin, friend, or even team, what is something that made you compete? Just make sure that you are pulling from events that happened in your past rather than something that happened, oh, I dunno, last week. Just a friendly reminder that […]