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Parenthood: It Doesn’t Get Easier

There is this interesting phenomena that occurs about six months into your stint as a parent. You’ll be sitting there, covered in spittup and running on the fumes of a microwaved cup of coffee that you made last Tuesday. You’ll reflect on the fact that you no longer bat an eye at the idea of […]

A Campfire Story

Probably one of the coolest things about observing a child grow up is seeing them learn. When they figure stuff out all by themselves, the look of pride on their faces is just delectable. I remember the time C took her first wobbly steps. Even though she didn’t actually know where she was going, she¬†sensed […]

Diapering Memorandum

Dear Ms. Baby, We regret to inform you that when you opted in to the Eating and Drinking Program (EDP), you also opted in to the Diaper Changing Program (DCP). For each meal/snack you consume, you will have to report to the changing table roughly two times. As long as your parent/guardian continues to feed […]


I’m in a rut, but it’s the kind of rut that comes about not from mundane habit but from new stimuli. The last couple weeks have¬†decimated any routine I was on with C and we’re starting to feel the brunt of it. Sometimes I forget what a finely-tuned clock a baby is until a grain […]

Extremely gross but critical information is in this blog post.

Take me to the head mommy blogger. I have a complaint I need to voice. I feel I am owed an apology from the mommy blogger collective for something they failed to tell me. Sure, they told me that the first weeks would be hard. They told me that I should get used to the […]