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The One Simple Thing That Makes Three-Year-Olds Unhuman

I have had a long weekend. I mean, yeah, it’s Labor Day and all, so obviously I’ve had a long weekend. What I mean is that I would give my left arm for a nap right now. Since Friday, my work has been holding its biggest fundraiser of┬áthe year, a three-day music festival all over […]

The Other Side: Notes on the Fourth Month

This is the awkward part when the new followers (welcome, by the way!) open the email or click on the link to this, my newest post since last Friday’s post was Freshly Pressed, and find out that this blog is essentially a (dum dum DAH)… …mommy blog. Don’t worry; I won’t be offended if you […]

Have nothing else going on? That’s fine. Now’s as good a time as ever to cry.

So, lately we’ve been undergoing some growing pains. Ever since we returned from our trip, Miss C has been cranky and just generally difficult. A quick consult with Dr. Google indicated that her orneriness is likely due to a growth spurt, which often occurs around three months. She was 15 weeks yesterday and her drama […]