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Little Love Crochet Holiday Kickoff Giveaway!

A few months ago, I went to a craft fair with C because I enjoy taking my child places where there are lots of handmade items for her to potentially break. No, really, it’s great. I remember walking in to the rented room at a Holiday Inn and seeing all the displays of handmade earrings […]

Toys and Why I Kind of Hate Them

On Tuesday, I was honored to receive another Freshly Pressed nod by my friends at WordPress*. I wish I could be cooler about the whole thing and not even bring it up in a post, but the truth is that every time I get recognition – any recognition – it’s a major thrill for me. […]

It’s learning time.

C got this little kitchen set for her birthday from my MIL Sidney. It is a talking and singing toy, and unlike all her other talking toys that sound like a grocery store PA system that hasn’t been updated since 1973, you can actually understand what it’s saying,¬†and therefore it doesn’t make me want to […]