Pregnancy Dreams of the Deranged Variety

We’ve now made it to the second trimester – YAY! I am looking forward to all the good things the next three months will hopefully bring: desire to eat normal food, a bit more energy, and (can I say this?), a renewed interest in sex.

Needless to say, the last week has been nice, with few food aversions, very very scant nausea (hallelujah), and a bit more energy. I’m really lucky because since I’m currently employed as a “homemaker”, I don’t have to get up early every morning so if I don’t sleep well, I can stay in bed if I need to and catch up. It’s a pretty choice situation.

But the midnight pee runs have officially begun, and as a result I’m not sleeping as well as I have in the past. As a result of said pee runs, I’m waking up in the middle of a lot of pretty ridonculous dreams and actually remembering them. Today is sharing day.

Courtesy Google images

Last week I dreamed that B and I were at the grocery store doing our weekly shopping, and midway through the dream, we both spontaneously turned into Beavis and Butthead. This makes sense, actually. Although I have complete faith in B to be an awesome parent in nearly every way, I have lately been having *normal* doubts about my own suitability as a parent. (See comments in previous post about my presupposition that since I can’t pee in a cup, I will be a bad mom.) And since B and I do nearly everything together, if I turn into Beavis, he will obviously turn into Butthead. So very, very logical.

Courtesy Google images

Last night I dreamed that I was frantically trying to get a hold of my mom on the phone (for no reason in particular) and just couldn’t track her down. I went to her house in Memphis and my brother was there, but he didn’t know where she was and hadn’t seen her for days. He wasn’t worried, and that made me even more hysterical. I called her best friend and she wasn’t available either. At this point in the dream, B and I drove to Myrtle Beach and got Slurpees at a Borders. Then we returned to Memphis to her house. Some strange woman who I identified in the dream as my mom pulled up into the driveway in an old blue convertible and just as I saw her, she pulled away. Just then my cell phone started “communicating” with me by lighting up yellow and sending strange texts from my mom saying that she was made a ghost against her will and now she could only communicate with me through the evidently haunted cell phone.

So last night was fun. I think I can chalk up this dream to two things: first, I actually did try calling my mom right before I went to bed and missed her. Second, I ate like an entire thing of chocolate ice cream before bed.

Yeah, that’ll do it. Lesson learned.


  1. I’ve been peeing all the time since before the positive pregnancy test. Insane thirst and subsequent constant need to pee were one of my earliest symptoms. Along with hit-by-a-bus tiredness. I’m going to feel SO MUCH BETTER when this first trimester is over with and I can worry a little less.

    1. I have been very blessed with the urgency of peeing – my only problem has been going at the doctor’s office – but I too had CRAZY thirst early on. I’m at about 13 weeks now and side effects are definitely petering off. Life as we know it can resume again!

  2. Oh my gosh, the pregnancy dreams! I had crazy dreams my entire second trimester, too. The second trimester really is the “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy, though, so definitely enjoy it. It goes by so fast!

    1. I am savoring it fully! The only thing I can really “complain” of is feeling full all the time. Like I ate my baby. Yeah…….

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