For some reason, this post is pulling a file-not -found in the ol’ reader today. So, let’s try this again.

The Waiting

Not a lot of thinking goes into the titling of my posts. The only real rules I go by are, 1, make it somewhat snappy, and 2, try not to use the “On….” construction (ie, “On Corduroy Pants,” “On Day-Old Pizza,” “On Hipster Nonsense”, etc.) Today, though, the title of my post is a sentence because it is something that I feel quite convicted of and if you don’t want to continue reading, I want you to at least have that one line stuck in your head because I feel it is so true.

Don’t waste your time reading stuff you don’t love. Just DON’T.

I have been left with meh emotions about the last few books I’ve read. I’m not even going to tell you what they are because then the seed of reading them will be in your brain and you’ll want to read them to see if…

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  1. Yeah, I found it on the File Not Found page. The old email link didn’t work.

    1. Doncha just love how the few posts you write that you actually REALLY like manage to thwart themselves and not post properly? Le sigh.

      1. becomingcliche · · Reply

        The proper ritual is to chant “I hate this post and hope no one has the poor judgement to read it” before clicking “publish.” Then it will go to everyone and their congressman.

  2. bellissimom · · Reply

    I have to say that I a, very impressed that you have time to read. There are not enough hours in the day for me to pick up a book and I miss reading so much!!

    1. Well, to be fair, I only read books in bed before I go to sleep, and I usually pass out within 20 minutes and my husband has to pry the book from my hands ;)

      1. bellissimom · · Reply

        I would kill for 20 minutes a night with a book or 20 more minutes a night of sleep for that matter!

        I forgot to comment on what I read in particular. Rarely is it that I re-read a book. The only book I have read mutilple times is The Alchemist. Otherwise I feel like there are just too many books and not enough time.

  3. I’ve got Lolita on my bookshelf and still haven’t read it, even more inclined to do so now! It’s going to take me a while to get round to it because it’s one of many that have been there throughout my degree that I haven’t had time to read!

    1. I think I had it on my shelf for a while too before I finally read it. When I was a student I bought books like they were going out of style, just to let them sit on my shelf. I still have books I’ve never read, but in a way I like it because it’s like free entertainment. I hope you like Lolita!

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