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Festivus Guest List

Are you there, Emily’s readers? It’s me, Ashley. I’ve been tasked with writing Festivus Post #2: The Guest List. You know how sometimes when you throw a party, you invite a whole bunch of people and then, like, 5 of them actually show up? Yeah, Festivus was nothing like that. Emily and I were completely […]

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Today we awoke to find that we were out of mouthwash, a staple in our home. Possibly because we spent some time in Korea where almost everyone brushes after every single meal, B and I are anal about our teeth (OK, note to self, “anal about your teeth” should not…

Tales of the World: Just Ask

When you are in school, teachers always tell you that there are no dumb questions, which is true to an extent. It’s not dumb to ask when the test is, how many moons Jupiter has, or what the difference between an alligator and a crocodile is. It is, however, dumb to ask what the capital […]

Lifestyles of the Middle Class and Unbabyproofed

I’m handing the blog over today to the real star of the show, Miss C. The End. P.S. Miss C will not be answering the comments to this post; I will. She’s already gone mad with power by having control over this post. Little does she know that the humbling experience of her first Halloween […]

Originally posted on The Waiting:
Not a lot of thinking goes into the titling of my posts. The only real rules I go by are, 1, make it somewhat snappy, and 2, try not to use the “On….” construction (ie, “On Corduroy Pants,” “On Day-Old Pizza,” “On Hipster Nonsense”, etc.) Today, though, the title of…

I wrote a guest blog. That means I’m awesome, in case you were wondering. Actually, it’s Jells who is awesome. And that’s what my guest post is about! :D

Uncomfortable Is the Way You Make Me Feel

Let’s talk about Michael Jackson for a minute. I love Michael. He was an entertainment god and his videos have a mythic quality about them. I mean, Thriller, seriously? It is justly considered the best video of all time. However, watching his videos requires a certain suspension of disbelief because they are often about as […]

Witness Me as I Lose My Mind

Something is driving B and me crazy and has been for some time. We both remember seeing an old-timey movie where a woman works in a stationary store and gives a poor man music composition paper for free. She eventually gets fired because her boss finds out. Later in her life, she meets the man […]

Le Clown, Indeed

fyfrghfghftyfvghfvhfghv bnn,mjlkhkjbnmvcbnvdgfgcvbnvhj Sorry, that was Miss C. She’s a tad annoyed with me this morning because I am more interested in getting on Le Clown’s blogroll than, y’know, washing her diapers. Looks like she’ll be wearing her Up&Up Target brand diapers for a couple more hours, much to the chagrin of Greenpeace. Mama’s got priorities, […]


Pet Sounds, the Beach Boy’s eleventh album, was released in 1966 as a response to Brian Wilson’s enthusiasm for the Beatles’ Rubber SoulĀ and his inability to tour sans drug-induced panic attacks. He focused his attention towards creating an album devoid of “filler” such as cover songs and comedy tracks, and perfecting arrangement and production. Even […]