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Paying it Forward with UncommonGoods: Cyber Monday Giveaway

So, remember when I went back to work last year and basically became an absentee blogger for a little while? Well, one blog’s loss is humanity’s gain. Through my work at a nonprofit in Memphis, I’ve learned firsthand the value of giving back. We can all do a little – or a lot – to […]

The Absolute Joy of Absolute Mayhem

“How’s the book coming along?,” I asked my friend Kelly over Skype about nine months ago. I looked forward to talking with my blogging-buddy-turned-real-friend over the ol’ Skype like nothing else back when I was at home full time with C. We talked blogging, writing, motherhood, and life. I didn’t have to apologize when the, […]

Under Cherry Tree pop art

Give a Nod to Mod: Under Cherry Tree Giveaway

I don’t do a ton of giveaways because it’s difficult for me to find artists and vendors whose work I love so much that I’m willing to endorse them on what is, essentially, one of the few places where I can be completely myself: my blog. But when I stumbled upon the Etsy shop Under […]

Mockingbird, DO!: A Holiday Giveaway

So, I may have mentioned this one or twenty times, but the people I have met through this glorious blogging adventure are one of the big reasons why I continually log in and keep banging out these posts. Depending on how you feel about me, this may be a good thing or a bad thing. […]

Little Love Crochet Holiday Kickoff Giveaway!

A few months ago, I went to a craft fair with C because I enjoy taking my child places where there are lots of handmade items for her to potentially break. No, really, it’s great. I remember walking in to the rented room at a Holiday Inn and seeing all the displays of handmade earrings […]

Let’s celebrate in the best way that I know.

So it’s been a good week. October came and I promptly made about a dozen loaves of pumpkin bread because it is written in the Book of Pin that once fall officially hits, you have to cease with the zucchini bread and transition immediately to pumpkin bread or you will surely have your badge of […]

Remember the Time…we went to that concert?

Let me start this by giving a tremendous shout out to all the awesome folks who contributed to Remember the Time last week! Each time Kelly and I checked the Inlinkz widget to read your posts, it seemed like they were breeding. One post, two posts, all the way to fifteen posts! Some were funny, […]

Frogs and Gnomes and Snow-Capped Cabins: It’s a Tragic Whale Giveaway!

Whoever coined the phrase, “Monkey see, monkey do” must have spent a lot of time around small kids. Even though I don’t remember copying my parents when I was a wee one because most of my pre-NKOTB memories have been blotted out*, I know that it must’ve happened because my own kid wants everything that […]

Good Things Come in Threes

If you could see me right now, I’d be facepalming all over the place. I almost forgot to tell you about volume three of the parenting round table I contributed to for The Daily Post, WordPress’ in-house blog about everything blogging. At least I didn’t forget to change the baby’s diaper? I dunno. I’ll take […]

Hair Apparent

OK. So. I am obsessed with C’s hair. I didn’t know that hair obsession was an option on the menu, but it apparently is. Yaaaaaaaaaay. It started as a minor fixation. She would smear Cream of Wheat/yogurt/mustard through her hair and I would curse the day she transitioned to solids. I’d shampoo it and then […]