The Daily Post Parenting Round Table, Part Le Deux

Is “le deux” even a thing? Shouldn’t it be “les deux”? And since this is a blog written in English, shouldn’t I just get my mitts off of languages that I have no business hijacking? This opening paragraph and title is an absolute fail.

What’s not a fail is the second part of Mommy and Daddy Bloggers Shoot the Poop, a round table discussion about parenting blogging that I contributed to.* In this segment, we discuss online boundaries and give you a few points to ponder about what parts of yourself and your family you feel comfortable revealing online. It’s a great read even if you don’t blog primarily about your family OR if you don’t blog at all. Lessons in boundaries always deserve a revisit (says the lady who no longer has a problem using the toilet in front of her husband AND child, often at the same time.)

*And now I’m ending sentences in prepositions. Just shoot me now.

Thank you SO MUCH to all the folks who read and commented on the first installment of the series. You guys are amazing.

Click here to read the post, and be sure to check out my awesome co-panelists.


  1. I have gotten more comfortable revealing things about myself on my blog. Only, like 20 people read the thing. I find it very freeing when I do talk about myself. I think that’s why people enjoy parenting blogs so much is because their curious about the human life.

    1. I was never interested at all in parenting blogs before I had a child of my own, but I’ve found a lot of comfort in the things people reveal about themselves and their families since then. Parenting is quite disconcerting at times, so it’s always good to know that I’m not the only person going through the specific challenges we face.

      1. I am not a parent myself, I don’t think I have the desire to be one. Yet, I love reading Parenting blogs. I think it’s because there are little human pieces in the blogs themselves that are so true, so wonderful, and rewarding.

  2. That’s such a great topic and something I’ve been going back and forth about. I don’t blog specifically about my son but he obviously comes up and I have been asked by my readers why I don’t post his picture. I see both sides and just can’t reach a decision. Thanks for the great post!

    1. My pleasure! I go back and forth A LOT too on what I want to reveal. As she gets older, reassessing my boundaries will definitely become an almost weekly exercise.

  3. I love your candour! You have a wonderful writer’s voice.

  4. Nice work, girl!!

    1. Thank you! There’s is one more part to the series coming (AND THEN an additional supplement), and then I am down with doling out advice for the year ;D

      1. I bet you’re exhausted, having to be all expert-like and all.

  5. Look at you, all internet famous and stuff. I can say I knew you when.

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