I love my peeps.

I think I’ve told you a time or five that I have the best besfrinn in the whole entire world. And I wasn’t just jiving you. I really do. She lives on the opposite coast from me, but she knows the ins and outs of my days and actually apologizes when she misses my unannounced Skype calls. It’s one of the quirks of modern life that even though Cee has only met Cameron once in her whole entire life, she lights up when I say, “Wanna Skype with Auntie Cameron?”

“Um, yeah! Auntie Cameron is awesome! She puts my mama in a good mood for once!”

So it was with great pleasure that I wrote a guest post for her blog, Krug the Thinker! It’s about friendship and love and having a person in your life that will always make you coffee when you need it. And I know what some of y’all are thinking: is it the guest post Emily was talking about last week when she said she was going to cuss like a sailor? And no, it’s not. Sorries. But it will give you a warm fuzzy in your heart.

So come check it out by clicking here. Follow my Besfrinn while you’re there!

Besfrinn and me when we were kids.

Besfrinn and me when we were kids.


  1. Adorable pic! I love throwbacks :)

    1. As you may have guessed, I do too ;D

  2. Just finished reading it. Adorbs!

  3. BFF’s are the best… and this was wonderful! Can’t wait to spend time with mine, in October. Friends since age 9; she’s my soul sister.

    1. That is the BEST way of putting it. Cameron is my soul’s sister too.

      1. Cliché 756: we don’t pick our families, but we pick our friends, and they become our families. I stand by that.

  4. I totally asked myself the cussing question!!
    You know me so well.

    1. Haha! That one is coming up October 8. I have been a busy little guest-blogging fairy.

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