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My Earliest True Friend Was a Condiment

This week for Remember the Time, we are sharing stories and thoughts on the topic of imaginary friends. Thanks so much to That Cynking Feeling for submitting this topic! Skip down to the bottom for details on participating in this weekly linkup. ♥ My parents got a video camera when my younger brother was a […]

I love my peeps.

I think I’ve told you a time or five that I have the best besfrinn in the whole entire world. And I wasn’t just jiving you. I really do. She lives on the opposite coast from me, but she knows the ins and outs of my days and actually apologizes when she misses my unannounced […]

Don’t go to a huge blogging convention. I’ll come to you!

I mentioned in my last full-length post how the frosting on the cake for our famvay* was meeting a couple bloggers. I met T whose current blogging project is The Ten Things Blog and Heather from Becoming Cliché, and both meetings were the puppies and rainbows and snowfall on Christmas that you’d expect. *That’s Pinterest-speak […]

Listen To Your Ashley

Meet Ashley. You may know her already. Still, say hi. Hiiiiiiiiii, Ashley. Ashley is pretty much the best. She writes a blog called Zebra Garden. I had been blogging for two months when I found Ashley. Scrolling through the parenting boards on WordPress, I clicked on a link to a post by a full-term preggo […]

The Time I Met a Blogger

It’s no secret that I love talking to y’all on my blog. It seems like one out of every eight posts I do is about blogging in some form, and that’s because it has become a big part of my life and something that I get a lot of gratification from. The World of Blog […]

Waves of Awesome

This has been a great week, and not just because Florida decided to mind its manners and clear its skies once we got there. (Although I would like to give a big shoutout to the Sunshine State for living up to its name.) First, Dear Expletive Baby had her baby. Awesome #1. Then, Squatch from […]


I have the best besfrinn in the world. Sometimes it seems like the honorific “best friend” is phased out of people’s vocabulary as they get older, but I will always call her my besfrinn because that is exactly who she is to me, and no amount of years can change that. Cameron and I met […]

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Having just moved to a new town in North Carolina and becoming an *official* practitioner of housewifery – complete with baby bump AND a daily-used KitchenAide – I have had to recalibrate many aspects of my life. Not working a typical job is a big one, but I’m not complaining because my husband is beyond […]

Perfect Weekend

Friends. Beaches. Korean food. I wish many things for Bebe when (s)he arrives. Although my hopes for my baby are all based in what (s)he finds solace in, I can’t help but think that her life will surely be made better by good friends, trips to the beach, and joy of all joys, Korean food. […]