Remember the Time…we got really scared?

You had to have seen this one coming. It’s October, and the stores that know what’s up are stocked with candy and costumes that make even the most innocent objects sultry (sexy paperclip, anyone?). Some stores are already getting ready for Christmas, but this is not the blog that you need to be reading if you want to hear someone complain about that. That’s what Facebook is for.

Halloween is on it’s way, so this week for Remember the Time, Kelly and I want you to tell us about your fears. Whether it’s the story of the time you found your grandfather’s dentures while you were bumbling around in the bathroom in the middle of the night, an account of a near-death experience, or an explanation of your pet phobia, tell us what you’re scared of. Don’t be afraid (ha.) to get dark; we’ll all be sure to put on our big girl panties (read: adult diapers) before we dive into this week’s super freaky grid!

Note: the RTT prompt for the week of Halloween will be Halloween-related, so try to save your great Halloween stories for then ;D

Write your post anytime this week* and then check back here and at Are You Finished Yet? on Thursday to link up with us. We can’t wait to see your posts!

*If you write your post before Thursday, send me the link via Facebook or Twitter so I can publicize it before the linkup officially begins on Thursday. This is a great way to get a little extra publicity for your post! ;D

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  1. OH! I hope I get to do this one! Depends on my wi-fi schedule. I’m so behind on blogging. It’s sad.

    1. I hope you can get in on it! If I dress as a turtle and promise to entertain myself while you write it, will that help? ;D

      1. I will try to write it at home on Word and transfer to WordPress when I can drum me up some wi-fi.

  2. sestasik · · Reply

    Oh. . . What! I’m always scared :) I’m all over this one :0

    1. I am too. I think that goes with the territory when you’re a parent. Why, just today I had a pap smear and the entire time I had the melody of C’s musical Cinderella watch in my head. It sounds like scene from a Kubrick film.

      1. sestasik · · Reply

        Whoa, whoa. Take it down a notch. Creepy kid toy music? Scares me by itself. Pap smear day? Ditto. Let’s not be combining too many scary images here. . . :)

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  4. I think half of my posts are already about crap I’m scared about! ;)

    1. Perfect! You will have no problem choosing one to link up or writing another one :D


    1. Boo, I have a thing, but no time to write about the thing (and a while back, sort of already talked about the thing, so feel like I’m ripping myself RE-talking about the thing) and no mental capacity to come up with a NEW thing, so I am just going to read everyone else’s this week. From my road trip. To Virginia. YAY!

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