Let’s celebrate in the best way that I know.

So it’s been a good week. October came and I promptly made about a dozen loaves of pumpkin bread because it is written in the Book of Pin that once fall officially hits, you have to cease with the zucchini bread and transition immediately to pumpkin bread or you will surely have your badge of yuppy womanhood revoked.

Something else happened that I reaaaaaaaaaaly want to tell you about. It’s, like, kinda huge, y’all, but in the interest of the chickens that should not necessarily be counted prior to their hatchery, I am fighting off all urges to jinx myself by telling the Internet my good fortunes before they are finalized. If I have learned anything from having a kid, it is that the instant they do something cute or acquire a new skill, they will never ever do it again once you tell someone about it. But just know that once I’ve got the go-ahead and things are for sure happening, I will tell you all about The Very Big Thing to the extent that you are going to be like OH EM GEE WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP LADY?! and slam the virtual door on me. (It’s kind of quiet. It sounds like a butterfly farting.)

But I want to celebrate something today, so I am taking the occasion of the 201st like on The Waiting’s Facebook page to do a giveaway. That also happened this week, and I am still a little stunned that people actually like the says that I say here. (Sorry, I’ve been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss lately.)

So how should we celebrate? How about with the very first ever super deluxe The Waiting coffee mug?!

The Waiting coffee mug


The only thing better than having C there with you in the flesh as you enjoy* your morning cuppa is having her grin at you from the silent confines of a coffee mug, where she is only pictured from the head up. Read: NO DIAPERS.

*And by “enjoy,” I mean having her there jumping off the sofa and nagging you to put on Elmo a kajillion times as she lobs dirty tennis balls onto your omelet that you had the audacity to believe you would enjoy.

To sweeten the deal, I’ll also be throwing in a pound of coffee for you to enjoy in your new cup. If you’re a tea drinker, I guess I could manage to accommodate you and your particularities as well.

Right now, I have got one gift set all packed with care and ready to ship to the lucky winner, but if I can get 25 new likes on The Waiting’s Facebook page from now until the giveaway ends on October 18th at midnight, I will give away a second gift set. Look at me, getting all generous. ARE YOU NOTICING THIS, UNIVERSE?

To enter the Her Mug On My Mug coffee giveaway, click here. You can increase your odds of winning by tweeting the link to the giveaway each day and/or sharing the giveaway on Facebook. Just check in with the link above so that it can record your new shares.

Good luck!


  1. She looks like she’s up to something in that picture.

    1. She was mad with power from finally getting her hands on my glasses.

  2. Wee Cee Coffee. Love it :) And I love that you have so much to celebrate…you deserve it!!

    1. Thank you! I think everyone deserves coffee. (Except Congress. Yep. I just went there.)

      1. Don’t even get me started. Someone needs to call all their mothers…because they sure aren’t listening to anyone else.

  3. Woo-hoo! Bring on the coffee! It’s been my key to surviving motherhood. Tea, schmee–my children might not have made it out alive if that’s all I had back then. Congrats, Emily!

    1. Thanks, Willow! “Bring on the coffee!” is my mantra. Great minds, great minds….

  4. I clicked here! I clicked there! I clicked everywhere! With a mouse, in my house, on my chair with some flair!

    I like coffee. And Wee Cee….can I bribe thee? But alas, I ain’t got no monee…

    1. Your odds of winning are extremely good, if for no other reason than you just rhymed. The Universe smiles on rhymers ;D

  5. I can’t wait for your big announcment. I’m thinking (hoping) you might be writing a book!

    1. Hahaha! I am having a hard enough time maintaining a personal blog, so I can assure you that it is not a book ;D

      1. IT’S A BABY! IT’S A BABY! Or a job with a move…..

        1. Now, don’t be starting rumors.

          1. Sorry – It’s NOT a BABY! It’s NOT a BABY!

  6. Congrats yo! That’s very exciting. I’m super proud of you and your social media skillzzz. I feel bad entering though because I’ve already been a winner of one of your sweet prizes so I don’t know if I wanna take the prize out of someone else’s deserving hands. I’m not saying that I’ll win, but I’m starting to think that my only talent is winning online give-a-ways.
    But I do want that Cee mug.

    1. Dude, Lils, ENTER, if for no other reason than the fact that my ego is strangely connected to the number of entries each giveaway receives. (I am a sad person indeed.) And if you win, you can give the mug to your mama. Also, if winning online giveaways is your talent, your life is magical. ;D

  7. Oh my gosh I LOVE the mug! And of course, cannot WAIT to hear your big news ;)

    1. It’s a pretty fresh little piece of swag, innit? And COFFEE? I mean, come on! I cannot wait to finally disclose my big secret! Keep you fingers and toes crossed that everything pans out.

  8. I’m not sure I can wait… couldn’t you kind of whisper it to me? I never give away secrets, and not only am I not a jinx, I’m a bona fid good luck charm. Go ahead, tell me… you know you wanna. The mug, well too cute for words. You are a swag Goddess.

    1. If you are a good luck charm, then I am emailing you right now. I need all the luck I can muster that this thing pans out. ;D The mug is pretty cute, but let’s be honest: you want the coffee. It’s OK. I admit it too.

      1. Actually, for the record… I only drink decaf. Hmm.

        1. Well, that’ll work because I accidentally bought some decaf when I was shopping for this giveaway. Even if you don’t win, I’d be happy to send it to you

          1. If you drink it late in the day, you can just convince yourself that it’s real. Doesn’t seem worth the mailing costs for you! But you are a sweetie pie, and I love that you would do it.

  9. Congrats on whatever the big secret news is. Hope it sticks so you can tell all of us. I HATE secrets. Just so you know. ;)

    1. I hate keeping them! I hope to have some great news soon!

  10. Come on, now. Butterflies don’t fart. But I just did.

    1. This just tells me that you are a butterfly ;D

  11. hehe The Book of Pin… is that a saying now or did you just coin that? Either way I like it:)

  12. That is one darn cute picture! I think you also need tee shirts and buttons to add to the swag.

  13. If I had the book of faces, I would totally like you over there. Because I like you here.

  14. um wee cee’s face… yes please!

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