I’m basically Forrest Gump at the White House.

This is the one where I let you in on the good news I alluded to awhile back. I have been holding it in for awhile because my mom was here last week so I was busy watching her fill C up with candy and taking a nap for once. So while super big news is both super and big, moms and naps have a way of completely dominating their magnificence. I’m just calling a spade, a spade here.


But now it’s time to talk about my good fortune because I still can’t believe it myself.

Guys, I was kinda sorta quoted in an article on CNN.com last week. Meaning that a real journalist who has interviewed the likes of Michelle Obama actually contacted me and wanted to know my opinion and insight on a current event and then included my quotes in her article and even gave me the last word.


You can read it here. It’s about the boundaries we put in place when we chose to share portions of our families’ lives online. A lot of great food for thought, and I’d even be referring you to it if I weren’t represented in it.

But I am represented in it, so that’s talk about that.

I feel like a lot of what I say here makes me come off as a broken record, but it bears repeating that I am tremendously humbled that anyone cares what I think and write about things. I often feel like I just stumble into great, awesome stuff. Remember how Forrest Gump kept being invited to the White House? The first time, he got invited for playing football or something, and he ended up drinking a ton of Dr. Pepper and telling the president he had to pee. And then another time he got the Medal of Honor and dropped his pants to show LBJ a bullet wound on his butt.

That’s me, dropping my pants and telling you that I have to pee.

Thanks for caring what I say and for encouraging me along the way because I wouldn’t have any of these successes if it weren’t for you. You’re all my Lieutenant Dans and/or Jennys.

Actually, let’s be honest: you’re actually those people sitting at the bus stop with me and wondering why I keep talking about my life but keep listening because I have chocolate.

This is me, virtually sharing a piece of my Whitman’s Sampler with you. Take any piece you want.



  1. So awesome, congrats to you!! Looks like you just had a bite of the good chocolate!!

    1. Thanks! I like the ones with coconut in the middle ;D

  2. You might be stumbling into success, but the biggest lesson from that movie is that good things happened to Forrest because he was a good person with a good heart. So I think the metaphor holds up just fine :) The reason people are drawn to your writing is because most people are pretty good at sniffing out sincerity. Congrats to you, friend! The article was awesome!

    1. I also really like shrimp. I can’t take a gun apart, though. I’d probably shoot my eye out. Thanks, m’friend!

      1. Bonus Christmas Story reference!

  3. Congratulations – I keep saying you’re my favorite blogger, now CNN supports my opinion!

    1. You are my favorite RV’er, Ethel ;D Thanks for the kudos!

  4. dentaleggs · · Reply

    Nice one! CNN could use a sensible, beer-chugging voice of reason. Well done. Really.


    1. Thanks, Eva. I’m still trying to get them to send me a case of Hoegaarden, but I’ll be OK with it if I just get a mention ;D

  5. Yay, Emily. Fame at last!!

    1. I wanna live forever! ;D

  6. The professor was thoroughly impressed with your blog. That is not common for him. From all you said and all that’s been read he is totally convinced your are Punchyish? Is he right??

    1. I’m afraid to say no ;D If I admit to being Punchy, does that mean I get your share of coffee and chocolate that you admit to disliking?

  7. Sometimes good things happen to good people. These are some really good things and YOU are a good person. It’s science. <3

    1. I like science. xoxxo

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So proud of you! And it’s well-deserved. Just one small step on your ascent to the very tip-top of fame, milady! And I’ll be cheering the whole way!

    1. Awwwww, thanks Ms. Ames! You are one of my very favorite cheerleaders!

  9. We just had a recent virtual meeting, but what I see so far I’d say I might even carry you out of the battlefield…..maybe. :) Enjoy your 15 minutes!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad we’ve met here in blogland. I look forward to your RTT posts immensely. It’s always great to come across a blogger who has those writer chops.

  10. Btw – if you’ve read me, you know I watch for cool coincidences. Immediately after typing my comment, Freebird came on my Sirius radio….the Jenny on the ledge song (you might want to stay away from ledges today) ;)

    1. I love that! That’s a much better coincidence than the time I was driving home in tears from my first terrible job and Dolly Parton’s “Nine to Five” came on the radio.

      1. :) made me chuckle….an image of Mr. Hart in shackles, standing on the bed popped into my head….I never want to be psychoanalyzed…

  11. She only had a fourth of one side of a mini Kit-Kat bar. Guess I’ll let her just smell the chocolate next time.

    1. Nah, you can stuff her as much as you want. That’s what Grammys are supposed to do ;D

  12. Not quite the high school newspaper, but I’m still impressed. Going to check out what you said now.

    1. You just reminded me that if I am never in need of new material for the blog, I can just trot out my review of “She’s All That” that I wrote for my HS newspaper in 1998.

  13. At last, your fifteen minutes of well-deserved fame. Smiles all around.

    1. Thank you! It’s pretty exciting.

  14. Hooray for you! Congrats again, Em!

    1. Thank you! Not gonna lie: it’s far less scary than the HuffPo.

      1. Eh? Were you on there, too?

        1. No, and hopefully I never will be. Those readers are frightening.

          1. Ohhhhh….

            I don’t ever read there so I’m not aware of that. Aren’t those people far, far (far, far, far, far) left?

            1. They are far, far, far, far crazy and mean and they take EVERYTHING literally.

              1. Almost the same ;).

  15. That’s fantastic! Congratulations!

  16. YEEEEEEHAW!! Well deserved. I bow at your CNN feet, girlie. *and, I kept my word* :-D

    1. Don’t I know it! You are my lucky rabbit’s foot, Dawn ;D

      1. Not quite… but I love that you got this. Not luck, Emily… talent, 100% talent!

  17. That’s excellent, Emily! You’re very articulate and you do strike a sane balance when you write about C. You treat your daughter with dignity and I find that admirable. It was good research on CNN’s part to find you.

    1. Thanks, V! It was all due to the WordPress parenting roundtable a couple months back that they even found me. I have a lot to thank WordPress for. Blogging here was one of the best writing decisions I ever made.

  18. Congrats on good boundaries. Oh, and on the CNN thingie. In that order (quoth the kiddie shrink).

    Just spent the afternoon lounging by a waterfall pool with some potent blue drink in hand, just yards from Winston Groom…Forrest Gump sends his best, too. You rock, Ms. Em.

    1. WORD. I think keeping boundaries in place is a lot harder to do than getting quoted in CNN. Now, on to read your post about, ahem, social networks… ;D

      1. Touche! I once had four child development theories and no children…now I have four children and NO theories :D

  19. WOW, look at you getting all CNN on us! Congratulations, that is awesome. It is a serious topic and one that I always have in the back of my mind as I am writing and before I hit that publish button. Way to get the last word in. :-)

  20. Sheesh – I’m lucky to be quoted in my own house – much less CNN. Congrats on your mention. Did you pick up any/many new followers from it? Or see any residual positive impact?

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  22. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is SO exciting and especially for such a significant topic, too.

  23. YAAAYYY!!! How exciting!!!!! I continue to struggle with this topic, although it’s about myself and my family and not about offspring at this point in time.

  24. Em, I’m so late to this but I wanted to say how proud I am of you and how deserving you are of this. You have always struck me as a “profound” kind of person/writer. One that gets it, gets life and perfects just the right balance of sharing your life in order to inspire others. You are the real deal, my friend and you deserve every good thing that comes your way. Your sweet Cee, what a lucky girl she is to grow up with a Mom like you. Much love, Em and congrats.

  25. […] a CNN interview she was a part of and she referenced the movie Forrest Gump. I had finished reading her story and posted a complimentary comment and made a reference of my own to Forrest Gump.  No sooner had […]

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