Remember the Time…Wild Card Volume II

Happy Monday, nostalgiphiles! Is it OK if I call you that? Is there a preexisting word that describes partakers in the realm of throwback? Please tell me there is because my ability to coin terms is obviously not the biggest thing I have going right now. We wouldn’t want Kelly to have to take me out back like Old Yeller and put me out of my misery for deciding that heretofore “pajamas” will arbitrarily be referred to as “pantammies.”


“Aww, Em, I know yous think yur all clever-like for makin up dem speakin’ sounds, but yur jus’ hurtin our ear holes.” Source

Where was I? Oh right. Now that I’ve got the image of a dead beloved family pet in your mind, let’s move on to this week’s Remember the Time writing prompt.

Back by popular demand is the ever-popular Wild Card week! You can write on whatever topic you please! Even dead dogs, the most heartwarming of topics.

Write your posts anytime this week, then check back at Are You Finished Yet or here on Thursday to link up with us. If you already have a post that you’ve written recentlyish that has a back-in-the-day vibe, feel free to link those up with us too. Just grab the badge and stick it at the bottom of your previously-written post.

Also note that if you write your post before Thursday, send me the link via Facebook or Twitter so I can publicize it before the linkup officially begins on Thursday.

Happy reminiscing!

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  1. I don’t know if there’s a word like nostalgiphiles, but there is a Society for Creative Anachronisms that enjoys recreating Middle Ages Europe…

  2. Hey, Em. Why don’t we go for a drive? No reason. Just a drive. Maybe we’ll visit a wide-open, empty field. So you can run That’s all. Just run. Good girl.

  3. There’s not a blog post that cannot use some Abe Simpson.

  4. Nice. I have one cooking. It was inspired by my Pandora station this morning. Look forward to it. ;)

  5. […] week’s Remember the Time theme is WILD CARD, aka write about anything from your past week!  Great idea Emily and Kelly!  So of course […]

  6. I’m sure I’ve got one I can link. I’ll have a look.

  7. […] have a board on Pinterest  called “Childhood memories,” on which I pin things that, not surprisingly, remind me of […]

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