An Ode to My Postpartum Body: A guest post

The fabulous Jennie Saia who pens the equally fabulous blog Tip of My Tongue invited me to share my thoughts on my post-pregnancy body image. I love this post, and I’d be thrilled if you checked it out. Thanks!

Tip of My Tongue

Today’s post is from Emily, who writes about parenting, education, and hilarious miscellany at her WordPress-recommended blog The Waiting. Her story needs no other introduction.


I remember the exact moment my body became postpartum.

All that day it had been swollen with baby. For my entire pregnancy I had felt a kinship with my midsection and the growing person it contained; it was me and not me at the same time, and I loved that feeling because while it was complicated, I knew that no one was expecting me to wrap my brain around it. I was off the hook because the universe is big. My relationship with my baby was ethereal and complex but since she was anchored to my very (very) tangible body, I had a handle on the depth of what was happening. All I had to do was look down.

(Or crave an entire…

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  1. Fantastic, Em. You’re a wonderful mother and you have an adorable baby girl. I know you’ll do right by her.

  2. I’ve observed tens of thousands of moms, Emily, and trust me, you’re at the top of the heap!

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