5×5 With The Hook: Emily of The Waiting

Hey! I’ve been Hooked! Thank you so much to my favorite Niagara Falls bellman, The Hook, for having me over on his blog today. We laughed, we cried, we talked about kimchi. What more could you ask for! The Hook is a pillar in the WP community, so if you’re not alright following him get on that!

You've Been Hooked!

She’s a wife, a mom, a good egg and a helluva writer.

She is Emily. (It’s like Cher. Or Madonna. Or Jesus. Except she isn’t old, washed-up or dead.) She is real and spectacular simultaneously. A quick visit to her Homepage reveals a gal that’s been around the block – virtually, that is. Honestly, Emily is ridiculously well-traveled when it comes to the writing biz and I envy the hell out of her.


And not to dwell, but she actually takes pride in being the best damn mom she can be. I’ve observed millions – at least – of mothers from the hospitality trenches and I have to say, a good portion of them are way off their game while traveling. Granted, the term “family vacation” is the most horrible of all oxymorons, but many of the ladies I see could definitely step it up a notch.Rip…

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  1. Congrats!
    Do you think the guy from the Princess Bride would get a 6×6?

    1. I am likely going to receive a flogging for this, but I have actually never seen that movie.

  2. You truly are real and spectacular simultaneously, Emily.
    Thank you for making my little corner of the web the place to be today.
    You kick virtual butt, E.
    (I figured I’d sound more “street” if I called you “E”.)

    1. I also answer to OG, Hook ;D Thanks for having me on! It was a thrill and honor (a thronor?)

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