Remember the Time…It Was Your Birthday?

Remember the Time Blog Hop: Birthday Edition

I find myself in strange but familiar territory lately. As usual, I am putting it on the kid (doesn’t that sound better than blaming it on the kid?). Her birthday is next week and all of a sudden the Pinteresty beast has been awakened in my belly. Even though I wouldn’t label myself a Type A mom, I do love a good color palate and I’m not above assigning one to her second birthday party.* In another life, I loved arts and crafts. I even gave a speech on how to decoupage when I was in college. Shockingly to us all, I passed.

*Thanks for asking! Yellow, red, and purple, in honor of Peep and the Big Wide World


Source: (9 Story Entertainment Inc., WGBH)

I’ve really enjoyed preparing for her birthday party. We didn’t have a big blowout for her last year because her birthday actually fell on Easter and, honestly, I was still a little shell-shocked from, oh, y’know, having a person come out of me a full year prior. We celebrated with cake and presents (and naps…still recuping from the baby-having) at home and called it a day. This year, some of the friends we’ve met through playgroups and sundry other social channels over the year will be joining us at a local cafe that is very accommodating to small children. The goody bags are stuffed, Pin the Hat on Quack is ready to go, a lovely red and white polka dot table runner I made (read: cut out nicely) for the spread is secured, and all my cupcake-decorating supplies are standing at attention on my kitchen counter.

We are ready to celebrate the second year of keeping our kid alive.

We’re ready to make memories.

I’m crossing my fingers that those memories will not include C having a tantrum halfway through the shindig. It’s a valid concern, as the Terrible Twos showed up a few months early. But I know better than to assume that Hurricane Cee won’t show up. We’ll be packing the iPad for her to watch videos on along with all the other handmade tchotchkes just in case.

We’re no fools.

And really, it’s her party and she can cry if she wants to.

For this month’s Remember the Time, please share your birthday memories! If you’re anything like me and the little girl I’m in charge of, birthdays are a mixed bag. You look forward to them and prepare for the best, but then right when you go in to cut the proverbial cake you remember that it’s been a long while since you let out a primal scream.

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  1. Great post….such a lovely moments…..

  2. A not so happy party…..

  3. sorry, this is embarrassing

    it’s all in the hyphens!!!!

    1. No worries! Please include your link in the Inlinkz box here:

  4. Happy birthday C!
    Have a lot of sugar and make your parents crazy!

    1. She’s got that covered.

  5. Have a great time with the birthday. I remember two being a really low key event. It was when they hit five that I pulled out the Martha stops. I would tell you how to build a mini-golf course in your backyard, but you don’t have a backyard. BTW, that earned me the Bad Ass Mom award and I’m still getting praise for it 11 years later. Score! Of course, now all I ever do is suck and I’m where fun goes to die. (direct quotes).

    Now, for the hop. I have until April 26 to write about the 50th birthday party my husband arranged for me that had NO CAKE? Or the time my dad posted a sign, the day before my birthday, that said, “Due to lack of interest, tomorrow has been postponed”? I’ve never done one of your hop things and I’m feeling a Snide Reply itch. (As if I don’t have enough CGP to do.)

    1. YES! Please join the hop! You have plenty of time and I would love nothing more than to hear about the time you had a party sans cake. I can empathize: for my first birthday coupled with my husband, he somehow didn’t understand that he didn’t have to give me a present as long he took me out to dinner :/

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  7. I still can’t get beyond the fact that you took Decoupage in college. Was that a 300 level class or were you doing post-grad work?

    1. Well, in defense of my alma mater, I didn’t TAKE decoupage. I just demonstrated how to do it in a speech class. CBU can keep its accreditation for another day.

  8. I think I have a good story for this one :)

    1. Yay! Can’t wait to read it.

  9. No. That is all. Just no. How can Cee be two? I do not understand. Squish was two when I started my blog. Cee is an adorable newborn baby. Tiny. Babe in arms. Not two.

    1. Tell me about it. I just hope my toddler blog doesn’t become sentient and start throwing tantrums like my toddler child.

  10. Screaming on your birthday, melting down at your party, is a right of passage for wee ones. Best if mom and dad have little invested in the outcome, and all will be fine. Hard to believe she’s 2!!

    1. Ugh, financially we ended up spending way more than we wanted. We had planned to go the cheapo route and have her party at the park, but the weatherman has predicted storms so we had to relocate to a more expansive locale. :/ Oh well. It helps us prepare for her wedding.

      1. When my first two were little, we had NOTHING. No extra money at all. However, I really found that the kids are so volatile when they’re little, so ready to crack under all the pressure of parties, friends, the hope for a great day… that the simplest parties go best. If your child has fun at their party, you can count it a big success… if the food wasn’t great, or the service was bad, or folks looked bored… who cares, if your girl is smiling at it all. ;-) Hope it all goes wonderfully, and you all go home smiling! xo

  11. Ooh, I think I have a story for this one!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CEE! I love that I’ve gotten to see her turn into a little person via the power of the interwebs! That makes me so happy!

    1. Yay! Well, you know I love sharing ;D

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  13. If the Terrible Twos have arrived early for Cee, maybe they’ll make a quick exit well before she turns three? I hope no one gifts her with a drum set for your sake.

    1. If they do, they will promptly be taken to the pawn shop. My grasp on sanity is already tenuous at best.

  14. Happy birthday to the little one! Kids birthday parties have become quite a big deal these days. No more simple little get togethers anymore. It seems you’ve got to have elaborate entertainments and paid caterers.

    1. Word. We had planned on going the simple, self-catered route and having her party at the park, but the weatherman is predicting rain so we’re forced indoors to a more expensive locale. I call shenanigans.

  15. Peep and the Big Wide World is THE best TV show EVERRR! :D

    Happy, HAPPY Birthday to Wee C! Hope her day is Peep-a-licious!

    1. Isn’t it just the best!? I am glad you’re familiar with it; most people aren’t. It is one of the only shows I 100% enjoy watching with the wee one. It is just so cute, educational, clever, and fun.

      1. My daughter actually introduced me to it when she saw it while nannying! We watch episodes together when she comes to visit (she’s 24!). Too bad it wasn’t out when my girls were little.

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  17. Some birthday!

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  19. Yay for the blog hop and a new badge! Happy birthday to Cee!

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