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Remember the Time Blog Hop: Birthday Edition

Remember the Time…It Was Your Birthday?

I find myself in strange but familiar territory lately. As usual, I am putting it on the kid (doesn’t that sound better than blaming it on the kid?). Her birthday is next week and all of a sudden the Pinteresty beast has been awakened in my belly. Even though I wouldn’t label myself a Type A mom, I do […]

The Relics of My First Memories

Ten or twelve years ago, if you really needed to find me but I wasn’t answering my phone, you would have looked for me in the library. College was one of the happiest times in my life because it was my job as a student to amass knowledge. What’s funny is that sometimes I feel […]

Remember That Time…..we watched MTV?

This week for the RTT Blog Hop, Ashley and I are throwing you a slowball. It’s the one topic we all have a story about or an opinion of. And no, it’s not everything bagels. There’s only one valid opinion about everything bagels anyway, and it’s that they are manna from Heaven. Case closed. This […]

My Brief Foray Into Competitive Swimming

I don’t think it’s going to come as much of a surprise to you that I was not a big sports person when I was a kid, namely because I just used the phrase “big sports person” in a sentence. There isn’t a competitive bone in my body, and if I have a choice between […]

Remember That Time….we went to the pool?

Be impressed. Be very impressed. This is my second post of the day. This one’s short, though, so if you really need your Emily fix (you are welcome to LOL with me over that one), click here. ♥ Summer is almost over and for that I am grateful because I have not been able to […]

Remember That Time….we almost melted?

It seems way too appropriate that as I sat down at Starbucks to write about the Remember the Time theme for this week – heat waves – “Heat Wave” by Martha and the Vandellas started playing on their in-house mix. I mean, come on. Give that link a clickity click; you’ll be glad you did. […]

Remember That Time…we listened to the radio?

This week I’m road trippin’ with the fam to the setting of most of my Remember That Time We Did the Things posts, Memphis, Tennessee. It’s the hometown that I love to hate, but since Memphis is basically my family, no one is allowed to talk smack about it except me. You know how you […]

Step One to Beating the Childhood Doldrums: Summon the Dead

When you are a kid, sleeping at a home other than your own is a welcomed break from the norm, despite the apparent lunacy of the practice. I mean, seriously, your odds of contracting childhood lice are high enough as it is just by attending school. It seems like you would want to avoid any opportunity […]

Remember That Time…you spent the night?

So, with the first week of Ashley’s and my nostalgic blog linkup Remember the Time When We Did the Things behind us, I think we can safely say that it was a good idea to get y’all to write stuff for us. Even though we launched it on a day when most Americans were busier […]

Why Are You Trying to Ruin My Life?

Boring Subtitle: A Survey of All the Trips I Ever Took As a Teen With My Family I was really excited when Ashley of Zebra Garden came to me suggesting that we start a linkup where we could reflect on all the ridiculousness of our childhoods. Now I have the weekly opportunity to embarrass myself more! Wins all […]