Remember the Time We Got into Trouble with The Law?

Hello everyone! Rob the Intern here keeping the flame alive for the monthly RTT Blog Hop.  I hope this is a fun topic for us to write about this month – here we go:

Remember the Time we got into trouble with the law?

Zip It!

Zip It!

Hi kids, it’s me, Rob, Emily’s intern serving my second month of my sentence as your friendly RTT host. I hope you had fun reading and writing about the awesome ‘first kiss’ stories last month.  I thought long and hard about a fun topic for this month and while sweating bullets one day thinking I was going to be issued a speeding ticket, it came to me.  Of course!  Everyone has had a speeding ticket or at least some kind of brush with the great people we pay to protect and to serve.  How did it make you feel?  Do you remember your very first time?  Perhaps you have a ‘confession’ to share?  Ooh…we love reading about your confessions, don’t we!!

Some of you know me, but for those of you who do not yet, my name is Rob and my blog is called Growing up on Prytania. Prytania is the name of the street I spent my informative years and my blog entries are each mini stories, all true accounts from my life. All of my stories could be considered RTT writing challenges. My goal is to entertain and to create a short divergence for you so I hope a few of you take the time to visit me. As an introduction, here is a link to my About page. Come by and say hi, okay?  I love your comments and I respond to all of them.  (Well, OK….there was this one time one of you posted a link to a goofy product page and I deleted it).

The rules each month are the same. Stick to the theme of getting into trouble or being afraid to get into trouble.  The theme preference would be linked to our legal system, but of course feel at liberty to twist the theme to fit your particular needs.  Maybe you have a true story about getting into trouble one day in high school and you’re just dying to share it.  Great, bring it on!  The main point is to write, to share and have fun.  Just please stick to the “remember the time” vibe that Emily and Kelly have been working so hard to maintain. As always, attach the cute RTT badge to your posting and follow the instructions below to allow us all to share your memories.

The linkup closes June 30th at 11:55PM EST, so be sure to get your link in before then!

As before, I’m pasting Emily’s instructions from a previous month’s RTT challenge. Let’s have fun!


Write your post and affix the brand new (ooooooh! ahhhhh!) RTT badge at the bottom of it. Then, add your link to the Inlinkz box at the bottom of this post so that all the other participants can read it! And while I have your attention with the gripping details of the linkup, allow me to add a couple guidelines about linking up.

Firstly, please only submit your link if it is related to the prompt. While we LOVE all nostalgic stories, this is a writing “challenge” of sorts and we’d like for all submissions to be thematically similar. Hold your great tale of the time your cat fell down the chimney for a Wild Card month. ;D

Also, the Inlinkz form has changed recently and it’s doing that sorta-kinda annoying thing where the description of what goes in each box is actually BELOW the box. (I know. But it’s free.) Be sure to pay close attention when when you’re filling in the boxes or your link won’t work.

And last but not least, for the box labeled “Name”, please type the name of your blog instead of the title of your post. Capiche?

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  2. I am so doing this one!

    1. Hi there – the link likely expired on this one, but would still love to read the piece! :)

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