Humility At Work

On my recent flight from San Jose for BlogHer, I sat across the aisle from a guy I recognized from the convention as a WordPress programmer. I argued with myself over whether I should say hi, it being extremely early and me having the proclivity to insert my foot in my mouth whenever I randomly approach strangers.

The entire weekend had been an exercise in tempering my personality so I don’t seem like a complete lunatic.

I said hi and ended up having a tremendously nice conversation with him.

As I got off the plane, I was feeling high as a kite because I am, in actually, not as socially awkward as I might think I am. I went to the Dallas airport bathroom and did my business, proud of myself for going out on a limb and making a connection. I’m ready to own the world, I thought to myself.

That’s when I realized I had tucked my dress into my leggings and was parading around for a nice cross-section of the world.

This, my friends, is how humility works.

Sheepish Emily is sheepish.

Sheepish Emily is sheepish.

I’ve been kind of (read: very) lazy on the commenting front for the last few posts. Please know that I always appreciate every comment that you take the time to write and that once I get my act together, I’ll be a lot less antisocial. 


  1. was the convention productive? Did you feel that you learned anything?

    1. I did. I got to meet a lot of awesome bloggers who I have read for awhile now, and many of the speakers were outstanding. I’d recommend it.

  2. I don’t want you to respond to any comment or post written by me unless you have successfully tucked your shirt into leggings. All the way around.

    1. That’s a sign that I’ve really made it in the world ;)

  3. I had a friend who was happily lazing in the pool chatting to everyone. It wasn’t until she came to get out that she realised her costume had slipped and she was flashing both boobs!

    1. I’m sure everyone around her really enjoyed their chat.

      1. especially as they were mainly male!

  4. NotAPunkRocker · · Reply

    Oh dear, that sounds like something that I would do.

    I plan to steal your glasses. Somehow. Just letting you know now.

    1. You and C both. She has already declared that they are hers. Y’all will have to work out joint custody of my glasses ;)

  5. Damn. As much as I love the new specks, I was kind of hoping for a picture of the dress tucked into the leggings. And I will consider myself punched in the shoulder for that comment.

    1. You hang around with me long enough and you’ll eventually get that picture ;D

      1. You might be surprised at how patient I can be…

  6. Been there, done that. Welcome to the club!

    1. Our official logo should be a blouse with coffee spilled all over it.

  7. Oh dear, you poor thing. Look at the silver lining… at least you didn’t have your skirt all hitched up while you were talking to him :D

    1. I’ll take that! Thanks!

  8. Twindaddy · · Reply

    Haha. Oops!

    1. Story of my life. Really.

  9. I am the person who would walk up to you & tell you your dress is stuck up. I would be embarrassed & scuttle away as quickly as I could, but I could not allow you to walk around like that.

  10. Invisible Ink · · Reply

    Ahhh, isn’t that just the awesomeness of the universe and how it works? It’s way of saying “so you think you can be social eh? but can you do it with no pants!?” life’s little challenges. Great Story!

  11. Proclivity for having my feet in my mouth.

    Haha great post!!

  12. Did that once. At work, and just to clarify work was also school, where I was attending the Museum Studies program and working at the university gallery. To make matters even better, I didn’t notice. It was the program supervisor who told me about it. He was a he.

  13. ticklestobother · · Reply

    Good on you for getting the courage to talk to him! And I think we’ve all been there, I got all the way to school wearing slippers once!

  14. Baja Rancho La Bellota · · Reply

    Great story! I just stunbled across your blog and I’m so glad I did. :) I’ll look forward to seeing more of your posts.

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