The Top 6 Most WTF Moments of the Fuller House Pilot

After watching it over the weekend, I am still reeling from the gloriously awful production that is Fuller House. Check out my post on Pop Depravity with my top 6 most-WTF moments from the pilot. I almost certainly overlooked a few. Be sure to follow Pop Depravity too!


  1. Ha! Nicely done. I also watched the pilot (over the course of three sittings because, as you said, it was so gloriously God-awful that I couldn’t watch it all at once). I’m in a course right now called Writing Cultural Criticism for the Media, which consists of writing reviews/commentaries, and it’s giving me an even greater appreciation for writers like you who make it seem so effortless!

  2. Yeah – what was up with those boobs!? And I pretty much fast forward through anything Joey says, ’cause I know it’s not going to be good. And I think there was some creepy ass shit that Joey did to Steph, but he and Bob Saget are creepy anyway. Still hate Kimmy Gibbler, and, P.S., I think Jane Lynch models herself after her. Unfortunately, it was so familiar and uncomfortably nostalgic that I kind of liked it. And kept watching. So. But I’m glad you covered it!

  3. I’ve never been happier that I don’t have Netflix…

  4. persephonejournals · · Reply

    How rude! I had to.

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