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A Modern Day Parable of Optimism

Sunday was a weird day for my husband. He turned 30 amidst speculation that his blogging platform – Tumblr – would be sold to Yahoo!. Don’t for a second think that the irony is lost on either of us. Peace out, twenties. Here’s how he felt about it: By Monday afternoon, the deal was done. […]

Postal Service Marketing Tips

I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I feel bad for the US Postal Service. It’s kind of like an aging great aunt who, in her youth, thrived as a courtroom lawyer in all-male Atlanta, but now that she is older smokes three packs a day and insists that the Sears Towers is […]

Guest Post: Beware Average Joe

I am handing the reins over today to a writer who wishes to remain anonymous for reasons that you’ll understand. In the wake of the Steubenville verdict, a lot has been said about rape culture in the US. In this post, you’ll find an extremely candid discussion of how rape is not isolated to one […]

Blogging from North Korea

So, did you hear about the time Dennis Rodman went to North Korea? Yeah, that happened. He’s been dealing with it like a pro too, declaring Kim Jong Un an “awesome” guy and ignoring the flagrant human rights violations the Kim regime has instigated.¬†Rodman tweeted at Psy of “Gangnam Style” fame¬†and mused whether he’d run […]

Drug Store Memories

Let’s talk about drug stores because we can. Freedom of Speech is a beautiful thing, especially when it enables me to drone on about something as inconsequential as CVS and Walgreens. I kind of think that Freedom of Speech is meant to protect our right to speak out against the government, but the only time […]

The Virtue of Rawness

A few weeks ago, I was listening to a news program that discussed the aftermath of Sandy. The specific topic that was addressed was that when disasters and tragedies like Hurricane Sandy occur, there is a huge push to help victims at the beginning. Money is given, food is donated, mental health services are provided […]

The One Thing I Have No Patience For

I can tolerate a lot. I’m learning to get over it when I don’t get around to the nineteenth vacuum cleaning of the day. (C’s rice cake granules can suck it for all I care.) I’ve blocked out the ridiculousness that abounds on Facebook during election season by unsubscribing to people. I’m well on my […]

I’m Up

Today it’s my turn to throw my hat in the ring at Canadica! Woot woot! I wrote about Thanksgiving, nasty Canadian cocktails, Korea, and what it’s like to be married to B. Why doncha go check it out? Click here! In the case that you don’t want to read my Canadica post, here’s a someeecard, […]

I have a political opinion.

So I know that the election is over and everyone is sick of hearing about it and that you are only reading this because you have literally NOTHING else to read. But I have a small observation that I just want to flesh out here, on my blog. Yesterday I read a lot of comments […]

All Hail Lukewarm

The last few days have brought an onslaught of extremes. The baby has either been so freaking happy she can barely contain it or homocidally miserable with her teeth. People have been upset with things going on in the American presidential race, so they are making big declarations on their preferred method of social media. […]