A Modern Day Parable of Optimism

Sunday was a weird day for my husband. He turned 30 amidst speculation that his blogging platform – Tumblr – would be sold to Yahoo!. Don’t for a second think that the irony is lost on either of us. Peace out, twenties.

Here’s how he felt about it:

pretty woman

By Monday afternoon, the deal was done. Tumblr was sold to Yahoo! for $1.1 billion.

Here’s how the Internet felt about it:
fellow kidsI could throw us all a big pity party. I could weep and sigh and gnash my teeth with my husband and hipsters and the Internet in general. But I’m not going to.

You see, this world where Tumblr mates with Yahoo! is also a world that brought Arrested Development back from the dead. Netflix (which is no gem itself but I am willing to forgive it for all its tomfoolery last year) will be airing new episodes on Sunday. This has been a long time coming. Only a few more short days until we can all put our denim cutoffs back on!

So take heart. This world is not all evil. Things find a way of balancing themselves out.



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  1. Le Clown · · Reply

    1) Happy birthday, Ben. I wish I could get you a tweet from Zooey, but watching your own trek to get acknowledged by our Indie Highness, I realized that it might be easier to win the Powerball lottery.
    2) I for one am sad about the tumblr’s transaction… It will make little difference I’m sure on the user end, beside a complete re-branding with the yahoo logo all over the platform, but a sad day it is. It could have been worse, tumblr could have been purchased by Donald Trump.

    On the upside, there’s a new The National album out today, and it’s magnificent™.
    Le Clown

    1. I think he has retired the #tweetatzooey project. I can’t imagine why.

      We’re both a little let down too about Yahoo! acquiring Tumblr, but we’re both optimistic that Yahoo! will do as little to Tumblr as Facebook has done with Instagram. Not that Tumblr is anything like Instagram, but you know.

      Thanks Le Clown. I’ll pass on your birthday wishes to the old man. xoxox

  2. I don’t use Tumblr, really. But more importantly… ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT IS THIS SUNDAY?!

    1. Oh hohoh yes it is. I am seriously pumped! Skip Scramblers for everyone to celebrate!

      1. I know how I’ll be spending Memorial Day. Forget enjoying the weather–it’s an Arrested Development marathon.

  3. You know, to me it’s all Greek. Such a social media mish-mash. I know, I sound like I’m 80 and heading for a Del Webb community. I hate change probably more than anyone. Nothing stands still, nothing stays the same, life is impermanent, more than it ever has been, and I hate it. It’s like the world has ADD. JUST STOP! I’m at the “I don’t care anymore” point of no return. I think it’s where people go to die. LOL!

      1. hahahaha! Don’t make fun of me! :D

    1. I love how I really don’t know what a Del Webb community is, but at the same time I totally get what you’re talking about ;D I only complain about Tumblr because it makes me look cool and young.

  4. Happy Birthday to your husband. I don’t use Tumblr and don’t really understand all the fuss about YAHOO! buying it. I am excited about Arrested Development, however. It’s been away far too long.

    1. I am beyond excited about Arrested Development too!

  5. What a life lesson for Ben on his birthday: degrading things happen. I suppose, like Buster, he flew a little too close to the sun!

    1. Best comment ever. Yes, a little too close to the sun!

    2. Life lessons being learned all over the place over here! ;D

  6. I’ve never used Tumblr. It looked to complicated. Plus, I have WP.

    1. It’s pretty simple, but I have the advantage of having a spouse who showed me the ropes over there. He is as obsessed with Tumblr as I am with WordPress. Hopefully it won’t change too much!

      1. Idk….Yahoo has been spiraling downward for years. I’m surprised that had the cash to buy it, actually.

  7. Mergers like this only don’t work when they try to change anything about it. Beware the Ides of MySpace. Improvements are not good. People are programmed to hate change. Why would we like it? The unknown is terrifying.

    Happy Birthday Mr. Ben.

    1. Also a reason why people are already pissed that John Krasinski is going to be on AD. I say meh. As long as he’s not standing in for David Cross.

  8. I hate the idea of Yahoo (are they even still a company?) taking over Tumbies. So unnecessary and dumb. Although, if I was the creator of Tumblr, I would totally sell out for a quick bill. No joke. But yes, let’s just eagerly await AD and realize we have nothing to look forward to again once it’s over.

    1. I knew you’d get me on this one. BTW, I am totally going to start calling it Tumbies. I think Ben would really like that. Maybe the resurgence of AD will spur more TV show continuations. Just to clarify, shows like Twin Peaks and not like The Office o.O

      1. Yeah that would be awesome if we could bring all these rad shows back from the dead. Dude, definitely start calling it Tumbies. Heheh

  9. I laughed my ass off at the last sentence. I just imagine your face with a Harry potter accent: loik me facey

    1. What is this “Harry Potter” you speak of? ;)

      1. It’s a guy with a broom, and there’s this little, ugly dwarf that follows him around and I don’t know… there’s an old guy with a beard. And they all have very confusing names. And they play flying soccer, which always takes up half of the movie, but has nothing to do with the entire story. And there’s a dark side, and a good side. I guess it’s like Star Wars with brooms, and magic wands instead of light sabres.

  10. My husband was very upset about this as well! I attempted to cheer him up about it, to no avail.

    1. It is such a drag! It would be like if WordPress got sold to AOL or something. Lame-o.

  11. Happy birthday to your husband!! Love the gifs :)

    1. Thanks! I will pass along your well-wishes. All those gifs, were, understandably, brought to you by Tumblr ;D

      1. Yay for Tumblr! ^.^

  12. Your husband and my nephew who turned two share the same birthday! Yeah Taurus!

    1. Wahooo! I bet your nephew wasn’t as upset about Tumblr as B was.

  13. Happy 30s!!
    I have yet to jump on this AD bandwagon. I hear it’s swell.

    1. It’s pretty good. The new season, that is. I need to write something about all the possibly ill-placed hype that lead up to its release. I am a tad underwhelmed.

  14. It’s the final countdown! Do do doo dooo :)

  15. […] now streaming on Netflix – I am not sure how I feel about the new episodes. I was just a tad bit excited (yep, just a little bit) that one of my favorite shows of all time was going to be brought back, […]

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