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Remember the Time…we made the food?

An alternative title to this week’s Remember the Time prompt could be “Remember the Time…Emily put recipes on her blog?” Those were some good ol’ days, back when I had time to actually cook new, interesting things and then work up enough enthusiasm to write posts about them. The last time I posted a recipe […]

Dining With C

This will be what I call a Grandmother Post, as in you may have to be C’s grandmother to be interested. We are going to talk about her diet. In detail. Fair warning. I am the proud owner of a terrific eater. And yes, I own my child. I lug that incredibly leggy toddler around like […]

Do you smell like a bear?

Have you ever had an idea that you know has potential but you don’t want to execute it yourself because the last time you did that, you ended up with burnt English muffins when all you wanted was a mini pizza? I was thinking about stupid wine tasting terms the other day as I looked […]

All Hail Lukewarm

The last few days have brought an onslaught of extremes. The baby has either been so freaking happy she can barely contain it or homocidally miserable with her teeth. People have been upset with things going on in the American presidential race, so they are making big declarations on their preferred method of social media. […]

7 Ways Waiting Tables Prepared Me For Parenthood

When I was in the final stages of my pregnancy with Wee Cee, I remember thinking that I hadn’t felt so tired since I had worked a swing shift on Mother’s Day at a restaurant in Chicago. Little did I know that I would be reliving some of the best and worst moments from my […]

I Shouldn’t Have to Tell You This.

I shouldn’t have to tell you these things about eating out at a restaurant. Most of you are couth (Is that the opposite of uncouth?) members of society who know how to compose yourselves when dining out with the rest of us. This post should just serve as entertainment for you. But as a former […]

Om Nom Nom: Berry Sorbet

Lately it’s been hard for me to glean a lot of satisfaction from food because I simply have no room in my tum-tum for it. Bebe takes up prime real estate in my torso and makes it hard to keep a lot down, so my meals are basically limited to a few bites here and […]

Turkey Burgers! Om Nom Nom

About a hundred years ago I thought I would post recipes and food stuff more regularly here, but then I felt constrained to impart numerous jewels of wisdom (ie how Korean kids like to poke your bottom) that I have accumulated through my extensive travels from places as vast as Walmart and Korea. To those who subscribed thinking that […]

Nom Nom of the Week: Perfect Choco Chip Cookies

Remember when I was harping on eating healthy and putting nutritious things in my body during my pregnancy? Well, those kinds of dishes aren’t as fun to blog about. Maybe on a slow week I’ll share with you a recipe for a kale salad or something. If you are pregnant, you need no excuse to occasionally […]