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A Major Award

I was recently awarded The Addictive Blog Award by A Flock of Crows. No, not a literal flock of crows. The only thing I’ve ever been awarded by a bird is The Crap on My Head Award by a pigeon in Chicago, and I’m not going to dignify that award with a hyperlink, much less a […]

Time is Precious, I Know

Despite the fact that I find them endlessly annoying, I need to write an open letter to my blog. It needs to know I feel sorry for neglecting it. I’m just going to get it out of my system real quick, if y’all don’t mind. Dear Blog, I miss you. I named you before I […]

Learning German the Blogging Way

There is nothing more fun than sitting around waiting for your water to break and to start experiencing what could be the most intense pain you have ever felt. And actually wanting it. Bring it on, Bebe. This is my life. It’s pretty quiet in my little apartment here in North Carolina these days, and […]

Seven is a Magic Number

Another award! Really? Really? Big thanks to I’d Rather Be in Iceland (which, I would too, BTW) for nominating The Waiting for the 7X7 Link Award! Eva writes about the glories of Iceland, which I can testify are indeed pretty worthy of all praise. Check out her blog and learn more about this cool little country! […]