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12 Ways to Say “Thanks” to Mom This Mother’s Day

So, the other day I was trying to explain to C the significance of Mother’s Day since this is the first year she’s actually kind of aware of this, the High Holy Day of maternal sacrifice. I told her that it’s a day when we think about how much we love our moms and thank […]

Under Cherry Tree pop art

Give a Nod to Mod: Under Cherry Tree Giveaway

I don’t do a ton of giveaways because it’s difficult for me to find artists and vendors whose work I love so much that I’m willing to endorse them on what is, essentially, one of the few places where I can be completely myself: my blog. But when I stumbled upon the Etsy shop Under […]

Hair Apparent

OK. So. I am obsessed with C’s hair. I didn’t know that hair obsession was an option on the menu, but it apparently is. Yaaaaaaaaaay. It started as a minor fixation. She would smear Cream of Wheat/yogurt/mustard through her hair and I would curse the day she transitioned to solids. I’d shampoo it and then […]