Hair Apparent

OK. So. I am obsessed with C’s hair. I didn’t know that hair obsession was an option on the menu, but it apparently is.


It started as a minor fixation. She would smear Cream of Wheat/yogurt/mustard through her hair and I would curse the day she transitioned to solids. I’d shampoo it and then not rinse well enough because she makes this sad little panting sound when she has water on her head, presumably because she is a cat. My shoddy rinsing would lead to cradle cap, which is a charmingly alliterative way of describing baby dandruff. The dandruff then kind of made her smell like a wet dog.

If you’re keeping tally, this marks the 43rd millionth way that babies loosen that grip you thought you had on your sanity. They make you mental over things that you didn’t even know existed prior to having them. Cradle cap is a thing and it is out to eat your soul.

Then her hair started really coming in. I have had dark hair for pretty much my whole life so when she started growing strawberry blonde locks, I officially declared dress up time. Blondes are supposed to have more fun, and who am I to deprive my child of her fun? Even though her hair was super short, I was on the lookout for various bric-a-brac to clip to her head. Hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it. You may find that you are a lot like me in that you’re fairly Spartan when it comes to bling, but once you have an adorable little pixie whose head is just the right size for ribbons and bows, you succumb to the alluring nature of sparkle.

Case in point:


I know I’m biased, but seriously, can I just get an om nom nom? Please humor me.


I think the moral to the story is that you just swallow your pride and put ribbons on your kid’s head if they let you because you need to celebrate your triumph over the insidious nature of rice cereal encrustation. (RCE is a thing. It is.) The other moral is that Etsy exists and it is the biggest enabler ever for when you want to put pretty handmade things on yourself OR your kid. OK, maybe that’s not a moral, per se, but it is a good segue into the giveaway that is about to happen riiiiiiiiiiight….


See that little headband atop Wee Cee’s brow? It’s a product of my blogging pal Sara’s own two hands. She creates adorable accessories for kids (PLUS earrings and nursing covers for you) for her shop TheKeenBean. I love her work and I’m 1000% sure you will too, and that’s why I am pleased to give away a $25 credit to her own little corner of Etsyland! The credit is good towards any of the designs she already has up, but she will also be happy to create a custom design for you because she is AWESOME and so are the contents of your creative mind.

Sara is constantly doing auctions with discounted prices via TheKeenBean’s Facebook page. If you go to the Etsy shop through the page, you will automatically receive a 15% off discount towards your purchase. I am fully aware that this makes me an Etsy enabling accomplice but if we don’t give away ribbons and earrings, then the condiment crusties will win. (That made so much sense in my head. Let’s just go with it.)

Click here to enter the giveaway. It starts today and will continue through Monday, August 26th at midnight EST. Good luck!


  1. My daughter was an adorable little one much like your own there, and I had no clue how to doll her up. I had all brothers and my wife never really taught me about hair braiding or pony tails so Ace wore a lot of hats on my watch. She was never into girl things which broke my (always longed for a daughter) mother’s heart because she wanted to put her in dresses that my girl wanted no part of. Wait, what was my point?

    1. I can sympathize. When we went to take the pictures for this post, we probably took 100, and the ones you see are the only ones that are halfway decent. The rest of the time, she was taking off all her accoutrements the moment I got them on her. Good times. I will have to glue them on next time. ;D

  2. She is adorable! You’re right, her hair is darling.
    My son, J, has great hair too. He’s already had to have 2 haircuts at the ripe old age of 1. I always say if he was a girl, he’d be decked out with bows and ribbons all the time. I’m sure if #2 is a girl, she’ll be a baldy! ;)

    1. C was born a little cueball! It is still so short that she’s almost 17 months and she doesn’t need a haircut. This is probably good for her considering that once she DOES get some hair, it will be me cutting it ;D

  3. Just dropping by. I miss my Wee Cee and her funny beautiful mom. :(
    My life is crazy with a capital C. I feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Everything is upside down, inside out and this ol’ gal is having to recreate a life and work with a new normal. (I know that last sentence was cryptic at best.) Just know I miss you and plan to be back in the fall. Could Cee look any cuter in the orange headband? What a little gem. :)
    Love ya, Em!!

    1. You’re missed, Grippy, and glad to hear you’re well!
      Hope you’re building an outlandishly fun new life, and doing it without any regard for previous rules.

      (And of course, rock on!)

    2. HIIIIIIII! I have missed you so much and it is so wonderful to see your face today! Let me know if you ever need a hug, even if it’s virtual. You are missed and loved, and you are going to make it through. xoxo

  4. OFFTOPIC. The adjective “Spartan” has been making its way into my life lately and I love it. (My boyfriend called my decorating sensibilities “Spartan” recently.)

    Also, that headband is adorable. I’m so glad you didn’t post a picture of some wimpy pigtails that have no business being called pigtails.

    1. Haha! She doesn’t have nearly enough hair for a pigtail yet. To do that, I’d have to get her extensions, and the idea of that makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

  5. This is an awesome giveaway. I approve, and if I win, I’m using it on myself. lol

    1. PLEASE DO. I don’t think I made it clear enough in the post that she makes way more than just kiddie stuff.

  6. While I’m not saying I wouldn’t look great in that headband, I thinkk it would clash with the skull and crossbones earring I’m currently wearing, so I’ll have to pass.

    1. I dunno; she makes custom stuff too ;D

  7. C is adorable, Em. Just adorable.

    1. Awww, thanks. I tend to agree.

  8. Blondes do have more fun (case in point) and I would personally glue bows and flowers to my child’s head if i had to.

    1. Pretty sure that’s why you get issued a glue gun when you give birth ;D

  9. Rub Crisco on her scalp that’ll cure that cradle cap. Rub Crisco on her cheeks, that will clear up that redness… Diaper rash ??? rub Crisco on that little butt ….Actually Crisco will cure anything wrong with a baby that you foolishly allow others to see when in public. Anyway, that’s what the old lady @ the grocery store would tell me when B was afflicted…..

    ps ) so happy CeCe will wear headbands & bows in her hair….B wouldn’t ~~~
    pss) next will come the ankle socks with 3 rows of ruffles…..B didn’t like those either

    1. I can’t imagine B not liking socks. I think the last time I actually saw his feet was five years ago. xoxo

  10. Hooray! Cee looks beautiful! Thanks so much for hosting this and I can’t wait to see who wins!

    1. YES! It’s your handiwork ;D

  11. Oh my good LORD Cee is too freaking adorable!

    1. And doesn’t she know it ;D

  12. I always come up with a “hair concept” that matches my kid’s (she’s 2) outfits. I’ve been fortunate and able to french braid it since she was about 8 months old! It is like being a stylist: ultra fun!!! Your kid is so cute!

    1. Thank you! My mom used to French braid my hair all the time when I was a little one myself. I can’t wait until C’s hair grows out a bit more so I can braid it. French braids are so gorgeous.

  13. I totally laughed out loud at the lines about her panting when getting her hair washed, because presumably, she’s a cat.

    She’s adorable, as is her hair bling! Now, before I became a mother, I was never a fan of such things. But since I had my boys (no girls, no hair bling), I thoroughly approve of giant floral things on girls’ heads.

    1. Thanks! I had a big change of heart too when it came to dressing her up. I always said I wouldn’t do it, but then once I put that first ribbon on her head, I was just gooooone. I figure that as long as she doesn’t mind it and has fun with it, it’s all cool ;D

  14. I had this same exact headline last week on a blog post about my kid’s hair. Ha ha! Great minds! Little C is adorable!

    1. Ahhhh! I am glad to see that I am not the only one who is afflicted with hair problems and who resorts to daddish puns ;D

      1. My sympathies go out to all the parents of girls, because the hair thing is much easier with boys.

  15. Beautiful child and hair!

  16. Oh, om nom nom, definitely. :D

    1. Yessss ;D Om nom does the heart good.

  17. Oh! Fun! And om nom nom.

    1. Almost as om nom as a Moon Pie.

  18. “I’d shampoo it and then not rinse well enough because she makes this sad little panting sound when she has water on her head, presumably because she is a cat.”

    EXCELLENT. I don’t know too many people who have cat-human hybrid babies. YOU ARE MAGIC.

    (She is adorableness!)

    1. Related note: she is currently nursing a minor obsession with cats. She whispers at them and basically melts my heart ;D

  19. Teresa Pate · · Reply

    Baldheaded granddaughters are great…. even when they grow hair. Love that C!

  20. Super cute stuff! And I, too, am obsessed with my children” s hair. I love the way their heads smell.

  21. I think maybe I should start wearing little headbands and sparkly clips, given my lack of small child. Is this acceptable?

  22. Don’t forget to attach a barbie doll to her head. My kid gets cradle cap – especially when we’re swimming and he refuses to wash his hair afterwards… it’s gross!

  23. The headband is super adorable!! :) Being able to mess with someone elses’ hair is the very best thing in all the world. :)

  24. She looks like a little hippie and i love it.

  25. minifemmenomad · · Reply

    I laughed so hard reading this from start to finish, because I intend on growing my little girl’s hair out, and then playing with it FOREVER! I have already decided how long her hair is going to be and I will spend the necessary time to keeping it pretty and neat. Not that I don’t already spend at least an hour on my own hair… but to play with her hair I feel will be very fun, plus as you’ve mentioned RIBBONS AND BOWS!! I really shouldn’t have to say anymore than that.

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